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Local events: Koningsdag (King’s Day)

Citizens of the Kingdom of the Netherlands*, vassals of the King Willem Alexander “the first”, let your hair down, dress up in orange from top to toe and celebrate that His Royal Highness is turning 49 this coming Wednesday the 27th of April, on Koningsdag it is all allowed.
(*that includes Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten)

The celebrations will kick-start the evening of the 26th. Large crowds will perk themselves up to honour the memory of former Queen Beatrix, who 49 years ago was about to rush to the hospital to deliver her first child and heir apparent. 123 years after, a boy, at last!

On the day itself, the largest flea market of the year will take place, along with live music and food stalls everywhere.
So, under the consent of the King, empty your sheds, fill up the streets and, despite the rain, make as much tax-free money as you possibly can.


With all the fuss, you may wonder how is the King celebrating his own anniversary. Will he too be dressed in orange from top to toe? And his wife? How about the daughters? Sorry to disappoint you, no one from the Orange house will be wearing a nationalistic costume. But they will surely mix in with the crowd. The royals will be seen in the flea markets of designated cities around the Netherlands. Will Delft be a city of their choice? Not in 2016.


To make the most out of the flea market, read on:

  • Check out this King’s day map of Delft to find your way around.
  • Set the alarm clock for 6.30am, 7am the latest, hit the road no later than 7.30am.
  • Have large amounts of small change
  • Put on comfortable walking shoes.
  • Fill up your patience tank to the top and if needed, find yourself a “recharge” spot
  • Brush up your bargaining skills, you need them at their best
  • Make it back home before the crowd is out.
  • Go ‘meet and greet’ Delft MaMa chairwoman, Anna Kõvári at the Nieuwe Langendijk 80-82She will be hosting a charity sale and will donate every penny to our organization.

Early birds will have the benefit of being the first at choosing.

Late comers, those who arrive at the party when it’s almost over, might benefit from free leftovers. Sellers want to go home empty handed.

Flea market and Markt square picture credits to Tarja Van Veldhoven 


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