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We help families connect with others to feel happier and at home in Delft, The Netherlands. 

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parenting in Delft

Find here valuable information and insights into family life in Delft.



Playgroups, Parents Night Out and more. Join us for a cup of coffee & a chat!



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Articles and news on parenting in Delft.

delft mama community

Maybe you have just found out that you’re pregnant… or you’ve just had a baby. Or perhaps you have just moved with your family to Delft (or surroundings) and don’t yet have the feeling of a community here.  Or perhaps you’ve been parenting for longer, but would still like to connect with others.  If you want to share with, help, learn, teach, or mentor others – join us!

 We are an inclusive community who welcome parents from all around the world.    What we all have in common is that we are In our community everyone is going through a similar situation of having and raising (one, two or more) child(ren), and for the majority doing so in a different country and culture than where they grew up themselves.   Local Dutch parents are also very much encouraged to join us to share their valuable insights.

You can join Delft MaMa in person and online through our various social media groups. Meet families from all over the world (literally), and find your place with us here, amongst friendly faces. Check out our own events on our Facebook page.