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There are many ways in which you can collaborate with Delft MaMa and all of the wonderful activities and services that we provide to international families.


Last year, Delft MaMa was able to raise over 5000 EUR for the mosaic crowdfunding, and we sincerely thank all of the members of our community who participated. These funds (and a substantial amount more) were spent on making Mosaic for Delft a reality. This year, we are organizing another smaller campaign, this time to support Delft MaMa internal costs. Our goal is to raise at least 500 EUR to support our operational, outreach and strategic growth costs from the launch of this campaign on October 1 through the campaign’s end on November 20. 

For the year 2018, no volunteers or any other individuals have been paid for their important contributions to Delft MaMa. We are thus already very blessed to have such contributions in terms of time and talents and sincerely thank all volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please check all the ways you can collaborate.We would love especially to have a fundraising volunteer!

You may ask, though, why Delft Mama would need more funds, and we are happy to explain. 

  • First, the  organization currently has no set source of income. We receive small amounts of income from donations or activities we have hosted. Secondly, the lion’s share savings of the organization from previous years were used to cover the mosaic project costs. We started the year with around 300 EUR. Every year we spend 300 EUR simply on insurance, bank fees and website hosting to keep Delft MaMa running in its most bare-bones form possible. As such, we will be cash negative by this early next year if we do not raise funds. If we would like to participate in fairs, print flyers, or subsidize any activities, our budget already runs several hundred euros higher. The yearly budget should ideally be 1000 EUR or more.  This year so far we did raise about 120 EUR from the Charity Walk and smaller amounts from workshops or the BBQ.
  • In 2018, we would also like to ensure that Delft MaMa qualifies for the ANBI (public benefit organization) status. Currently, Delft MaMa’s official mission as a stichting is to provide maternity and motherhood assistance. We feel that over the past decade our mandate has grown larger, and we want to reach not only young mothers, but families of all ages and internationals of all circumstances in Delft. For this process, we may eventually need to change our bylaws, which would add another 500 EUR to our budget.
  • The ANBI status would help Delft MaMa establish a more sustainable future in terms of income/finances by making us a more attractive organization to receive donations or other forms of support from the community. The ANBI status would allow persons and businesses to donate to Delft MaMa and have their gift be tax deductible. Thus far, finances have always been a constraint in growing our reach and impact for the community. We feel that the ANBI status would allow us to raise funds more easily and, therefore, contribute to the long-term sustainability and growth of the organization.

In a longer-term perspective, we would be interested in offering more activities/services to the Delft MaMa community, looking into renting a space for Delft MaMa activities and playgroups and giving back to the community through projects like the 10 year mosaic, among other more ambitious ideas. Our current cash-flow situation prevents such ambitions from being realized.

We would appreciate donations of any amount via direct transfer to our account or via PayPal. Each donation means a lot for Delft MaMa as an organization and for all of the international families we in turn support. Thank you for your support!


NAME: Delft MaMa
IBAN: NL63RABO 0135 88 85 49
Mention “Donation” and your name and address in the description so that we can properly thank you!
The Stichting Delft MaMa is a registered Dutch charity whose KvK Chamber of commerce registration number is 27304191.


  • If you have a skill set, whether through professional or personal experience, that you want to hone – while benefiting the community around you
  • If there are jobs you’d like to try yourself out and need experience before you go job-hunting
  • If you realize that nowadays pro bono work scores big time with your future employers as well
  • If you want to get out there and meet a great network of people
  • You want to be involved in something bigger and give back to the community…

… Well then, you have the potential to become a Delft MaMa volunteer!

We are all dedicated volunteers, eager to participate in projects and give a little bit (or a lot) of our time and expertise – and then go the extra mile too! We organize different activities with a wide range of purposes: give workshops, coordinate playgroups and other social and business meetings… you’ll have to see the possibilities for yourself in the list below, as well as on our LinkedIn page.

We are always looking for motivated people to join our team, so we would love to hear from you! You can fill in the online application below or download it here: DMM Volunteer Form. Fill in your info and email it to us at


Delft MaMa runs a number of monthly regular events. These are to create the opportunity for parents in Delft to meet new friends, connect with their community as well as their children, and learn or practice a new skill. These events offer a number of opportunities for your business, brand or company to network with our community and grow your customer base.

If you provide childcare, babysitting or children’s entertainment services or have other ideas how to collaborate with us (sponsor us) and would like to be involved in our events, please contact us at hello@

Our current Partners for whom we are eternally grateful: