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Delft Mama of the week: Emilie

Delft Mama of the week, Emilie, a mother of two girls (soon to be three) and a resident of the city since 2008, is the graphic designer behind the renewed Delft MaMa logo and website. “When designing the new Delft MaMa logo, a couple of iconic Delft images popped into mind. The blue heart struck me to be especially fitting as it’s in the heart of Delft, just off the central meeting place of this great little city. The universal symbol of the heart made me think firstly of a parent’s love for their child(ren), but also the open and nurturing community that is Delft MaMa. It’s a close knit group and once you join some of the activities, you start to see familiar faces everywhere around town, which is a really nice feeling!”

Photo credits to Emilie.

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