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‘Welkom Hier’ – help refugee families in Delft 17th September 2016

Welkom Hier folder

Delft MaMa is contributing to the Refugee welcome event ‘Welkom Hier‘ on Saturday 17th September at the Theater De Veste by providing children’s activities for the children of the refugee families, as well as any children from the Delft community who are attending this free event.

Please come along to the event with your families if you would like to contribute to making these new members of the Delft community feel welcomed!

Welkom hier!We have had a great show of support with volunteers offering their time on the day. Miriam Langford and Nina Bogerd are the Delft MaMa team lears on this project. We now need some other small things for the day to go smoothly.  If you have been wondering how to contribute, but could not offer your time on the day, one of these requests on the list below might be for you.  You might even be able to just add 5 EUR to your grocery shopping this week and help us a great deal.

Below is a list of items we would like to ask people to donate.  Some items might even be things you have in the house, left over from children’s birthday parties.  Some are simple things you could pick up for us at the grocery store, Hema, Action, Zeeman etc. for 5 EUR or less.  If you can’t contribute shopping but want to make a small donation instead, you can donate by bank transfer to Delft Mama with the reference ‘Welkom Hier’.

If you are able to contribute, please email Miriam Langford at miriam DOT a DOT langford AT gmail DOT com to let her know what you want to contribute (so we don’t end up with hundreds of packets of baby wipes and no stickers or bubbles….  We need stickers and bubbles….  Have we mentioned stickers and bubbles??)

Delft Mama Bank details are:
NAME: Delft MaMa
IBAN: NL63RABO 0135 88 85 49
Mention “Welkom Hier”, your name and e-mail in the description so that we can properly thank you!

If you have been wondering how to contribute, one of these requests on the list below might be for you.

List of Items we need donated or paid for:

  • Stickers, stickers and more stickers! (flower themes or garden themes are great- they are for decorating plant pots- but anything you have or find is also great) LOTS!
  • Jewel stickers for decorating little treasure boxes.
  • Paper bags (party bags?) with handles that would safely carry a small pot plat home- 50
  • Play dough (big packets not tiny pots)- Lots of colours
  • Play dough tools (second hand is fine)
  • Glue sticks- 10
  • Textas or coloured markers (water soluble and non-toxic)- 5 packs
  • Coloured pencils (and a few pencil sharpeners)- 5 packs
  • sticky tape- 5 rolls
  • Balloons for decorating the space and giving away to kids- 60
  • ribbons or sticks for the balloons
  • Unopened packets of face paints (with booklets of pictures to copy)
  • Blue tack- 1 pack
  • Masking tape- 2 rolls
  • Sticky name tags (Hema sells packs of 100)- 100
  • Colourful disposable plastic table cloths- 6
  • Boxes of raisins- 100
Welkom HierThere is a second list below of items we also would like to borrow on the day (toys etc.) so please have a look and again contact Miriam miriam DOT a DOT langford AT gmail DOT com if you can offer any of these items for the 17th September.
  List of Items we need to borrow for the day:
  • Memory games
  • badminton sets
  • Snakes and ladders games
  • children’s bowling sets/ skittles
  • baby bouncy chairs

Thank YOU! Sincerely thanks to all who can contribute, even just a little bit. Even a small contribution helps a lot.

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