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Welcome to the Delft MaMa Blog!

Lo and behold! The new website of Delft MaMa is live and with it the Brand New Blog created and coordinated by Tarja & Agnès, two expats living and multiplying in Delft. 

Delft MaMa is turning nine this year. During these years the group has grown into a significant amount of members and it keeps growing each month. Most of us have met other parents in Delft and have seen the huge potential in each others stories. 

Expect a weekly new post in which we, you, and top guest bloggers will talk about things that matter to us personally, but are universal enough to be of your interest too. Things like LOVE. We will start softly with Love stories about Delft mamas and papas. GIVING BIRTH, we have all been there, done that or are about to. Expect to read Positive birth stories and we will get a backstage pass to our former expats who went back to homeland or relocated to a new country in the upcoming Post-Delftian life. We will discover and talk about food: shopping locally, cooking world-widely, upcoming events, and much more. 

This blog will keep you informed, entertained and eventually busy typing, as you are always welcome, and encouraged, to write posts with us. The more the merrier! 

5 thoughts on “Welcome to the Delft MaMa Blog!”

  1. I love love love the new website! I’m excited about reading the new blog, and maybe write a post myself? 😛 Great job ladies!

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