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So long Lucie, and thanks for all the fish

Lucie Heraiz Cunningham, the founder of Delft MaMa, is leaving Delft for her family’s new life chapter in Glasgow, Scotland. We had a goodbye party for her at t Postkantoor to give us the opportunity to thank her for everything and to bid her adieu.

Behind Delft’s Central Station lies a cozy neighborhood with streets so narrow you can’t avoid looking into other people’s windows. Who ever passes that area knows the Tuinstraat, a half-pedestrian street that is better known as a garden of stokrozen. Those beautiful flowers that effortlessly spread and grow wherever the wind scatters them.

Number 25 is the house Nan visited three weeks ago, to inspect all the details before going back to her atelier and pressing her hands into clay. She shaped a little tile, painted it together with Kolja and baked it at Noelle’s pottery. Then we went to pick it up and wrap it in pink tissue inside of a red box.

That box was opened last week at the farewell party at t Postkantoor by our DelftMaMa founder Lucie. You could imagine her surprise after she realized the gift was a ceramic tile of her own home, a house in which she spent the last 14 years with her husband and son. Eyes a bit teary, hearts warmed up, Lucie was kissed and hugged by friends, by all of us for whom she made this city a less lonely place.

We poured some more wine, filled the air with laughter and anecdotes from all our countries and continents. Before long, the chiming of New Church’s clock started to threaten. We all signed a card for her with the famous quote from Douglas Adams’ book. “So long, and thanks for all the fish”, a little something to keep her warm on those cold, Scottish nights when she gets homesick.

Oh, and the word “goodbye” came across our lips but hopefully won’t be for long. Lucie promised to visit us after she settles in Glasgow so she can tell us all about her new challenges and opportunities. We are sure she will find plenty or just make them because that’s who she is!

Lucie, we wish you to blossom like a stokroos up there in Glasgow. Thank you for giving us DelftMaMa. We will treasure it as gold.

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