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Mother’s Day – A day to Honor Motherhood

Mother’s Day, as we know today, was founded in the United States by Anna Jarvis. She wanted to commemorate her late mother who was an activist helping families in need. Over the years, the memorials on the second Sunday of May turned into a day to honor and celebrate all mothers. Eventually, Mother’s Day became the country’s national holiday in 1914.

We are celebrating Mother’s Day widely in the world today. It continues to fall on the second Sunday of May in most countries, including the Netherlands. There are also countries that celebrate on a different day. United Kingdom, Ukraine and Norway are some examples, tying in with Mothering Sunday, International Women’s Day or ancient traditions.

Celebrating mother’s day: from Flowers and hugs to restaurants and spas

Dates and celebrations may vary, but there is certainly one thing that stands out in particular: Flowers on Mother’s Day! The phrase Moederdag Bloemendag which means Mother’s Day – Flowers Day is rightfully still popular in the Netherlands after many decades. Breakfast in bed for the mother, cakes and cards made by children are other common Dutch ways of celebrating Mother’s Day. At the same time, eating out at a nice restaurant and spa treatments for mamas are becoming popular as well. The idea all around the world’s children is to show how much they love and appreciate their mothers whether it is a hug or an item their mom wanted for a long time.


Becoming a mother is a life-changing event. That’s because the unconditional love we feel, the deepest bond we form and the constant-seeking for our child’s well-being turn us into their superheroes for life, no matter how old they become. We grow when we become a mother, so that we can overcome any hardship that would stand against our children’s health and happiness.

Finding a balance in times of Coronavirus is one example. It was a though year where we had to juggle childcare, home-schooling, household tasks and working from home. Things that were common to us became vague as we tried to adopt to a new life with limitations. Meanwhile, many of us could not see our own mothers. Some of us unfortunately lost their mothers or perhaps never felt one.

No matter what the circumstances are, I invite you to make this day your day.

Take some time for yourself. Reflect on the memories you had as a child and the ones you are making with your children. Call or visit your mother if you can, also honor and remember the ones who are not with us anymore. Let yourself be spoiled with your children’s (virtual) hugs and kisses, lovely cards, beautiful flowers and well thought gifts. Check the latest Delft MaMa Newsletter for Mother’s Day ideas.

Here’s to us, unconditional love and possibilities. Happy Mother’s Day!

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