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Congratulations to all Delft Mama Blog contributors and readers

This month we celebrate the 4th blogiversary of the Delft MaMa blog! Tarja van Veldhoven and Agnès Battlori Benet posted for the first time on April 18, 2016.

An Update: New blog coordinator

This year the Delft MaMa Blog changed its coordinator and I joined the team to help Delft MaMa as their new Blog coordinator. This is the first time I am writing for the DMM blog, and I want to share how glad I am to have joined the DMM team! It is very nice to be in an organization with such a great community, which is so involved and connected with each other!

With the Coronavirus situation, the importance of the help of the community is clearer to me every day and I am proud to be part of such a warming and caring community.

Retrospective 2019/20:

Since the first post, this blog had a lot of writers, proofreaders, and coordinators that helped to keep the posts flow in the blog. One of them was Kate, the last blog coordinator. She did an amazing job and taught me a lot of things so I could keep running it when she had to leave the blog.

In this last year, there were many posts that you really enjoyed.

  1. One of them was “Learning Dutch in Delft: 2019 update” written by Marie Kummerlowe. There are many people in our community that don’t know Dutch and this kind of article helps a lot, that is why I am planning to have more posts with this kind of information in the next year. I also think it is important to keep updating posts about the Netherlands that contain relevant information to expats and refugees’ families. If you are someone that can help DMM blog with update of an important topic, please send an e-mail to the DMM blog team.
  2. Other post that called people’s attention was “Delftian Entrepreneur: Jie Li, aka the Cake Researcher” That was an amazing post, it makes you dream about a slice of one of her cakes! Trying one of her cakes is one of the top things in my list when this quarantine is over!
  3. “How to reduce, reuse and recycle in Delft” is another post that people really liked. It was written by Julia Candy and explains how recycling works in the Netherlands and what to do as consumers to produce less garbage.

Next Posts:

About the next posts, I am looking forward to seeing the series continued that were successfully started by some of our blog writers; One is from Nina Bogerd. If you didn’t see the first ones, it is worth to look at her posts: Nina Bogerd: The remaking of my professional career and life in the Netherlands and Should I give birth at home or in a Hospital? Unlike most countries, you have a choice in the Netherlands.

Another useful series of posts that Elena Mellara is writing so we can learn more about how to get a job in the Netherlands. The first post was published two weeks ago.

I also ran a Facebook Poll to see what the DMM community wants to read about in the next months. I am very glad that we had so many answers! Now I am looking for people to write about all the subjects that you are interested to learn more.

The topic suggestions came out of the poll were;

  • Secondary school in the Netherlands – what to expect,
  • Raising a bilingual child,
  • Bullying in school,
  • Being a new parent at a Dutch school
  • How to deal with prejudice in the Netherlands.

Looking ahead: 2020/21:

I am not planning to make big changes in the blog because it is about the Delft MaMa community and it is written by the community members that want to be more involved or want to share their stories in Delft. Most of the writers live in Delft or in the cities around it and they are collaborating to pass their knowledge regarding the community.
Kate did an amazing job with the blog so far, she is very organized, smart and creative! That is why I am eager to follow her steps. However, I am also open to suggestions!

As I said, this blog is for the Delft MaMa community, so I will always be open for new ideas of posts, new writers that want to share their experiences in Delft and people who want to contribute. So, if you want to be more active in the blog, send us an e-mail!

If you want to be more involved in the Delft MaMa community but not in the blog, do it! You can read this post with a lot of information on how to do that: The advantages of partnering with Delft MaMa .

In the blog staff, we also have a team with new proofreaders that are doing a great job! I am glad to have such a good team to work with!


Bárbara is an attorney with experience working as a content producer in a Training and Development consultancy. She moved to the Netherlands in December of 2019 and she is contributing with Delft MaMa since January 2020.


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