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Activities for Children in Delft

Ways to keep Your Children Active During The Summer And Beyond

These days, it can be a challenge as a parent to pull your children away from their screens, especially during their school breaks. Although video games do have their merits (see “12 Surprising Health Benefits of Playing Video Games” here), it’s important that children engage with others face-to-face, remain physically active and expand their horizons. With summertime upon us, it’s a good time to help your child build upon an existing interest or discover something new. Whether you want to spend more quality time together with your children or get them out of the house so that you get a break from parenting, there is a huge array of options of children’s activities in the Delft area from which to choose.

The Importance of Staying Active, Mentally and Physically

Neurons connecting, staying active
Neurons connecting

As we learn new tasks, our brains create more synaptic connections and when we provide repetition of tasks and information to our brains, it strengthens those connections. This process of neuroplasticity begins in utero and continues into adulthood. However, the greatest number of neural connections are made during childhood. Click here for a concise overview of brain development in young children. To learn more about continuing to create new synaptic connections as adults, check out “6 Ways to Rewire Your Brain” by Crystal Raypole here.

You can help keep your children active and engaged both mentally and physically, and there is a plethora of options to choose from in the Delft area. Whether your child is interested in the fine or performing arts, sports, scouting or gardening, you will find something on the list in this article with which to engage them.

Tagging onto Onica King’s blog article from May 2018 entitled “Get Out!,” the following is a list of activities for children in Delft. These organizations, facilities and lessons have been researched to reflect current websites and changes that have occurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Activities for Children and Parents to do Together IN DELFT



  • 38CC Gallery, rotating exhibits
  • Galerie Terra Delft, Nieuwstraat 7, ceramics
  • Artline, Voldersgracht 18, contemporary art
Get out and explore Delft
Get out and explore Delft

Activities for children

Performing Arts, Theatre, Dance


Fine Arts

  • De Vak Centrum voor de Kunsten: art lessons for ages 5-7; drawing & painting for ages 6+. This organization also offers combination classes (drawing, painting, making music, singing, playing with language, acting and dance) for various age groups, beginning with toddlers (age 2.5)
  • Studio Jocelyn (online classes only at this time): drawing, painting and origami
  • Dorrith de Roode: sewing (in Den Haag)


Baseball & Softball: Blue Birds

Basketball: Basketball Association DAS

Biking/Cyclo-Cross: De Spartaan


child bouldering, active child


Cricket: DSV Concordia (need club membership)

Diving: DSZ

Field Hockey:

Figure Skating: Haagsche IJsclub (in Den Haag)

Football (soccer):

Golf: DSV Concordia (need club membership)


Horse Riding:

child riding a horse

Inline Skating:

Jiu Jitsu & Judo: Budo Gouweleeuw


Kitesurfing (age 12+):


Lacrosse: Den Haag Lacrosse

Parkour: Jump Freerun (in Den Haag)

Rowing: Rowing Club de Delftsche Sport (age 11+)

Rugby: Rugby Club Delft


Running: Dobbeloop


(Indoor) Skiing & Snowboarding: Snow World (various locations, Zoetermeer is closest to Delft)

Speed Skating:

  • Long-track takes place at De Uithof in Den Haag
  • Short-track is at ice rinks in Den Haag & Zoetermeer
  • Summer activities (inline skating) at DKIJV’s clubhouse in Delft
Speed skating


Synchronized Swimming:

Table Tennis:

Taekwon-Do: Tim Kool Sportschool


Track & Field: AV 40

Water Polo (Mini Polo for kids):

children playing water polo, mini polo, active children
Water Polo


Nature, Gardening and Outdoor Fun

  • Kindertuinen Delft: gardening
  • De Papaver: nature, sustainability, outdoor fun; also has take-home educational packets to rent for paper-making, cheese-making, and more
  • Buyten Delft (“City Farm”): animals, splashpark, pony therapy and outdoor fun
  • Outdoor Delft: outdoor paintball, archery tag, archery and disc golf
a child gardening, learning about gardening

Activities for the Mind

Summer Camps

Some of the websites above include summer camp options, including Scouting Paulus and De Bonte Bouwplaats. Click on the links for activities that interest your child(ren) to look for others. This site lists many summer camps around The Netherlands and beyond.

Enjoy the Summer!

Another way to enjoy spending time with your children, along with other parents, is to join Delft MaMa! Specifically geared for children up to four years of age, this group meets every Friday from 11:00-12:00 at Kindergarden Delft Zuid. For more information, click here.

If you know of any other children’s activities in the Delft area that were not included in this article, please mention them in the comments section. Thank you!

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