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I would like to share with you the update on Delft MaMa Blog and its volunteers. How we did in 2020 and what to expect in 2021.  It was a rough year for everyone and impacted our way of working. We would like to share some of the achievements and changes that happened in our team. As you read through you can learn more about the structure of our blog team, our intentions and where we need more support.

When I started volunteering for Delft MaMa as the blog coordinator, my goal was to just follow the structure which Kate (our previous and a great blog coordinator) had handed over to me. And I really did just that in the beginning because I liked everything that Kate had done so far.

When things started to change Back in march

As we entered to the unprecedented times due to Covid-19, our daily routines have changed. Therefore, I felt a need to change the plan for our blog schedule as well. One of the first steps was to increase the number of posts and arrange for topics that would be relevant to the ongoing issues. For example some people were interested to learn more about how to help their kids with distance learning during this period. Agashnee Naidoo, a speech therapist, wrote a post with tips on this subject.

We had to adopt to the changes to improve the blog and help the community for the better. Gladly, I got to say that I counted on an amazing team of proofreaders! Without them, these changes would not have been possible. Vanessa, Yildiz, Cindy, and Nessia are essential for the high quality of the blog. They review the grammar of the blog posts, suggest changes that improve the readability and have it better ranked on Google to bring more people to our community!

Additional support for the blog team

Another update on Delft Mama Blog and the team is that our proofreader, Yildiz Middel, started to write for the DMM blog as well. So, the readers can expect to read more articles written by her during 2021. You may have already read about her. Or maybe you read one of her posts.

With the Delft MaMa community growing, it is important to make the blog grow accordingly. That is why I believe that we can have more publications per month. Covid helped us test that and we realized that it can be possible to publish more posts. We started this trend during the second half of the year. I believe that it is possible to share a blog post every week in the future if we have more volunteers in the blog.

Therefore, we are now looking for people that would like to be part of the blog. If we could have publications every week, we could bring more information, help more people, and spread the word of our wonderful community even further. At least it is my dream for the future of the DMM blog! We are looking for proofreaders and an extra blog writer. So, if you want to join the blog team, send us an e-mail to


We are on is one of the main sources of news in English in the Netherlands. The sited does recommendations about the best blogs about the Netherlands.  

As Delft MaMa Blog we are now listed on as one of the recommended blogs.

We are also on ”I am Expat

I am Expat is a website with a huge source of information for expats moving to the Netherlands. It is also one of the most important sources of news in English for the expats.

The site has a section on Expats Blogs that they recommend. Delft MaMa Blog is now on their list as well!

Last update from the blog Team

The last update on Delft Mama blog team is that I am going to leave my role as a blog coordinator. The reason is that I am moving to Luxembourg. I would like to step aside to give someone else closer to the community the opportunity to be the next blog coordinator! I got to say that being part of this community helped me a lot in different ways. And I hope it will help the next blog coordinator to improve her relevant skill-sets while she is helping the community.

If you are interested in this position, send us an e-mail to Happy 2021 to all our amazing readers, blog team and the DMM community !

Barbara Baptista

Hi, I’m Barbara, blog coordinator for Delft MaMa. Originally from Brazil, I moved to the Netherlands with my husband in 2019. My favorite color is blue, and I love to read, write, and watch some crazy series on Netflix!
Do you have an interesting story to share or a great idea for a post? I’d love to hear from you!

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