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Second-Hand Shopping in Delft

Do you prefer second-hand clothing for your family? Perhaps you need kids' outfit only for five days of snowy season or for maternity period? Relocating from abroad, are you trying to complete the needs of your new house? Or perhaps you are a creative person that likes to combine designer’s clothes in their daily life without paying too much? And if you happen to live in Delft, then you might want to know the addresses for second-hand shopping in Delft as well.

Why Second-Hand Shopping?

Buying, exchanging second hand goods and wearing vintage clothing has become a trend since the beginning of the 21st century. There are many sociological reasons for second-hand becoming a trend and some more serious environmental reasons as well. While ‘’fast fashion’’ also became very popular in this same century, people are also becoming more and more conscious of their shopping habits and choices.

“Scientific studies and analytical reports from the United Nations and charitable organizations estimate that the fashion industry contributes 3 to 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions.”

While this is the case for fashion industry, there are many different categories of shopping which motivates us to buy the newest, trendiest stuff. Be it homeware, technological gadgets or cars. In some cases, you might need that latest version and in some cases it is the result of a manipulated consumer behavior.

Evolving Shopping Habits

Sometimes it is not possible to make the right choices even though we try to be conscious and careful. It is not easy to shop everything second-hand. Shopping is like eating. It is also subject to human psychology. Maybe you also heard of being a “Shopaholic”, going on a “Retail Therapy’’ or “Shop till you drop”.

Nowadays, I try to consciously think and plan for my shopping. Otherwise, the same need like “eating a piece of cake out of an instant sugar” will happen with shopping. It really happens from time to time. Unnecessary or excessive shopping is not good for our pocket and neither for the environment. Besides the environmental impact, other concerning fact is that in many locations of the world the workers do not have legal rights. By only consuming brand new goods we are supporting the broken system. I am observing that more people, especially young generations, are becoming more and more sensitive to these issues. And they want to take action. One way is to reduce your waste, recycle and support the circular economy.

addresses IN delfT

The Netherlands is a heaven for second-hand shopping. You can see a well-functioning system for second-hand shopping, donating and exchanging activities. I was not surprised when I learned that IJ-Hallen is the biggest flea market of Europe. This maybe all related to the way Dutch people value their money and environment.

Delft is the city with many options for second-hand shopping. In that sense, we are lucky.

Vintage Delft
Vintage Delft
  1. Kringloopwinkel (Charity Shop/Thrift Store) : There are many charity shops that contain numerous categories of second-hand goods displayed. RataPlan is one of the largest ones. Kringloopdlft, De Flinstones and Leuke Boel are also well-known.
  2. Vintage Shops : As you walk in the cozy streets of Delft, it is very common to see small shops selling vintage clothes, second-hand books and antique goods. Vintage Delft, Vintage Factory are some of them.
  3. Delft Mama Clothes Swap : This is a recurring event of Delft Mama community and the last one was done online in March, 2021.
  4. Antiekmarkt Delft : Traditional flea market on Saturdays from April to October.
  5. There are also online markets on Facebook as well as other well-known apps Marktplaats, Vinted. On these platforms it is also possible to sell your stuff.

Hopefully our environment will feel more of the benefits of second-hand shopping culture. As people living in and around Delft, we have the chance to contribute to ethical, sustainable fashion and circular economy.

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