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Meet Delft MaMa’s Vice Chairperson/HR Coordinator

Part 6 of a Series

Each week in the coming months, our blog team will share an interview with the coordinators of the various departments that make up the Delft MaMa organization. These coordinators, all of whom are volunteers, are the people who keep Delft MaMa such an active, vibrant community that helps so many parents in the Delft area.

This blog post’s interview is with Shilpa Ganvir. Shilpa has been our Vice Chairwoman and is soon to become the HR Coordinator.

Delft MaMa
Vice Chairperson/HR Coordinator
Shilpa, Delft MaMa’s Vice Chair/HR Coordinator

Tell Us About Yourself

My name is Shilpa and I am from India. I have been living in the Netherlands for two years now, living with my husband, a researcher at TU Delft. Before moving to the Netherlands, I was a businesswoman in the healthcare sector for 7 years in India. Now I am working at an international supply chain company in Westland.

What Is Your Role Within The Delft MaMa Organization?

I have been volunteering as the vice chairwoman of Delft MaMa, but am about to begin a new role as the HR Coordinator. Volunteering since 2021, I am responsible for helping the chairwoman with various activities within the organization. When the last chairwoman was stepping down and our new chairwoman was taking on that role, I helped to bridge the gap. I have also been helping the outreach team as they have been transitioning with new volunteers. The outreach team maintains relationships with Delft MaMa’s sponsors/partners and seeks out new sponsors. You will see the names of these sponsors noted on the home page of the Delft MaMa website,

How has Delft Mama contributed to your adaptation to life in the Netherlands?

In 2020, I came to the Netherlands and it was lonely after coming from a different country to a new world and it was really disappointing being at home all the time. So, I connected with TU Delft’s ‘Coming to Delft Service’ which helps the partners of TU Delft students and employees by providing practical information about relocating to Delft from another country. They have workshops, networking events and social activities. I was fortunate to meet Renée Tentori, Delft MaMa’s chairwoman, when she was a speaker at a workshop I attended. She spoke highly of Delft MaMa, and I joined DMM shortly thereafter.

Once I joined, I met several volunteers. We discussed job opportunities, and everyone was really helpful and shared many tips on how to get a job quickly in the Netherlands. The best part, of course, is that I acquired many friends, some of whom now feel like family (Sowmya Shreedhar).

What’s your favorite place in Delft?

My favorite place is the TU Delft campus where I always feel at home. It is always full of positive vibes. I also love all of the beautiful canals and the architecture of Delft.  It makes me think more about how someone in old times could make this beautiful architecture without any technology.

Favorite place
TU Delft
Vice Chairperson/HR Coordinator
With my husband on the TU Delft campus

What do you do for fun?

Well, I like to explore new countries and travel a lot. I love dancing and I recently started Salsa dance classes. I like to meet my friends on weekends. Some of my favorite moments are those spent with my 23-month-old niece, “Swametta,’’ on video call back in India.

Vice Chairperson/HR Coordinator
With my niece

Share a secret with us!

My secret of happiness is helping women entrepreneurs back in India by giving proper training advice and tricks for financial empowerment. Giving back to society in this way makes me feel so positive and confident.

Volunteer with Delft MaMa

Delft MaMa is run by a team of talented and dedicated volunteers, eager to participate in projects and give a little bit (or a lot) of our time and expertise – and then go the extra mile too! We organize different activities with a wide range of purposes: give workshops, coordinate playgroups, and other social and business meetings, all with the common goal of connecting international families in Delft and its surrounds. So, if you feel that you have one or two hours to spare here and there, please consider joining our team of volunteers. It will strengthen your connections even more!

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