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Meet Delft MaMa’s Blog Coordinator

Part 2 of a Series

Each week in the coming months, our blog team will share an interview with the coordinators of the various departments that make up the Delft MaMa organization. These coordinators, all of whom are volunteers, are the people who keep Delft MaMa such an active, vibrant community that helps so many parents in the Delft area.

This week, meet the Blog Coordinator of Delft MaMa, Vania Suazo.

Delft MaMa coordinators
Meeting with Delft Mama team members to discuss everything Delft Mama. It’s gratifying knowing it’s such a great resource for many expat families.
That’s me in yellow!

Tell Us About Yourself

My name is Vania Suazo and I come from Honduras. I am a mother to a 9-year-old son and a wife to my strongest supporter. I consider myself a very curious and adaptable person. So far, I’ve lived my life divided between Honduras, Brazil, and now the Netherlands. I love starting projects and creative processes. I love seeing an idea transform into reality.

What is your role within the Delft Mama Organization?

Since January 2021, I’ve been working with Delft Mama as Blog Coordinator. I love providing a space for anyone to share their story regarding parenting, expat living, and many other subjects covered by Delft Mama. My main role is obtaining and selecting stories, as well as coordinating the editing process. Our blog team is small but full of talented individuals.

How has Delft Mama contributed to your adaptation to life in the Netherlands?

Delft Mama has been my go-to. Since day one, when I needed answers to any questions regarding parenting or activities for children in Delft, I went directly to the Delft Mama website, blog, or Facebook page. There are incredibly helpful articles that continue to assist parents in Delft. The Facebook presence of Delft Mama keeps aiding me anytime I have a question I need a bit of extra help with.

Family outing
Enjoying nature
Amazing family outing opportunities: climbing forest in Kralingse Bos.

What’s your favorite place in Delft?

I love the fact that you can just grab your bike and end up in another town, with a green field full of cows, or above a highway where you can wave at cars. Some of my favorite places are Cafe DuMidi and just any bike path where I am surrounded by nature.

Riding bikes
Son and father-in-law starting yet another bike adventure in Delft.

What do you do for fun?

For fun, I love reading. Lately my mind has been occupied with business, education, and philosophy books. I love tending to my small batch of plants, exploring new places, and grabbing as much sunshine I can get.

Share a secret with us!

A part of me is very Latin, but in secret! When alone at the house, I blast reggaeton and dancehall music. I love dancing and bouncing my head while working. It’s my guilty pleasure, especially when I’m feeling happy.

Books, books, and more books! Books have always been an important part of my life.

Volunteer at Delft MaMa

Delft MaMa is run by a team of talented and dedicated volunteers, eager to participate in projects and give a little bit (or a lot) of our time and expertise – and then go the extra mile too! We organize different activities with a wide range of purposes: give workshops, coordinate playgroups, and other social and business meetings, all with the common goal of connecting international families in Delft and its surrounds.

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