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Help Delft MaMa help to keep our community as strong as always

“When I first set foot in Delft, second thing after visiting the real state agency to sign the contract for our apartment in the Market square, was visiting the midwifery practice.
Right there, pinned on the wall, among all the other leaflets in a language back then illegible for me, I found THE one in English. It was shining brighter than the others. Maybe because it was written in English? Maybe because it read: “Your community in Delft” and I so much needed a “community in Delft”? Whatever the reason, I was very grateful to find such welcoming and inviting piece of paper with a purple teddy on the front page.
Three years have passed since this initial experience, but I still treasure this moment.
After almost two years of involvement with Delft MaMa, I want nothing else for all the newcomers in town to come across one of the leaflets of our institution and make their hearts jump with joy. They, like us back in the day, deserve to be and feel truly welcomed, because this is the very reason why founder Lucie Cunningham created this community 9 years ago.
To me there is nothing as rewarding as helping back.”

Many of us might have had a similar experience like the one Agnès described above. Maybe you have found the leaflet at the library, or you bumped into a Delft MaMa ambassador at an information fair? Or online?
Many roads lead to the Delft MaMa direction, and we are proud of it. Proud of the number of altruistic souls that invest their time in keeping this well-oiled machine rolling, proud of those who give their support through financial contributions of all sizes.

Why does Delft MaMa need financial support being run by volunteers? There are many reasons, here are a few:

  • to be present at information fairs and reach out to as many people as possible,
  • to print out up to date leaflets,
  • to keep the website up and running
  • and to organize activities for the 10th anniversary of the NGO.
    Nothing is for free.

How can you show your commitment?

  • There are as many ways to support Delft MaMa as mum profiles in the community.
    Are you passionate about being part of something big and have the time to commit on a regular basis (say between once a week, to once a month)? Send an email to info AT delftmama DOT nl and our Volunteer Coordinator will get back to you in a short notice.
  • You are willing to be part of it, but your time contribution is limited? Worry not, there are tasks that require the occasional help of volunteers. Send a message to info AT delftmama DOT nl with your availability and whenever something arises, we will get back to you.
  • You are happy to volunteer from the comforts of your home? Consider helping with social media or become a writer for the blog. In any case, drop a line for info AT delftmama DOT nl and the person in charge of each section will get in touch with you.
  • Looking for a one-time commitment? The 10th anniversary celebrations are coming up, volunteers in large numbers will be needed. Send “10th anniversary volunteer” to info AT delftmama DOT nl and we will get in touch.
  • Are you keen on helping newcomers settle in at the speed of the light? Why not be part of the SLiDe project? Follow the instructions on the page to sign up.

delft-mama-foto-collage-2None of the above is your cup of tea?

Participate in the ‘First Fundraising High Tea Party’ coming 10th of December 2016. Sandra Ivonne Treviño has organized a one-of-a-kind event at the Leonidas Chocolaterie. By coming along, not only will you be supporting Delft MaMa financially, but you will also expand your friends’ community and delight your palate.
A win-win! More information you’ll find on the Facebook Event Page.

If you have not been surfing the Delft MaMa website lately, chances are that you have missed its brand new feature: the PayPal button! You are literally one click away from showing your support, by donating to keep us going. Not yet convinced why? Do you have time? Here are 42 other reasons for you to go through.

Volunteering is not only about giving, it is mostly about receiving! You can gain a lot from this experience.
Come and be active in our community!

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