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Delft Mama of the week: Claudia


Delft Mama of the week, Claudia, is a mother of Katerina (2,5) and a new born Nikolas (2 weeks). “Since I was a kid I wanted to be a mom. I used to play and care so much for my dolls like real babies. When growing up I had a closer feeling with my three younger sisters and one brother. Now I have fulfilled this dream for a second time and it feels great to think that so much of you is in them. The biggest surprise about having two children has been the behavior of my daughter Katerina. She has been so understanding, helpful and careful with both her little new brother and me. Before my delivery I was afraid of her reaction and now when I see her I feel blessed to see how mature and lovely she is. There are so many things I have to ask my own mother; from: just hug me strong and never go away to how did you do it with the seven of us? Now that I have only two I can barely imagine how seven were for her. I can just say that a mother is the most valuable treasure each of us could have.”


Happy Mother’s Day to all moms and alike!

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