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Confidence for the Win!

Win your confidence

Too often we focus on our mistakes or what could be done better. This is one of the reasons for low self-trust and confidence (especially amongst women). What we should be doing instead is seeing and celebrating the many many things we do well every single day!

Recognizing successes from different sources is a powerful tool I’ve used for over a decade both with myself and my clients to increase confidence and foster the habit of positivity towards themselves and others. In this article I’ll share those sources with you!

How can we get the confidence to win?

So many women I know are experts at seeing their mistakes and what could be done better. This tendency can be demotivating and often dominates their way of thinking and outlook on life. The result? Someone who is critical of themselves, others and lacks confidence.

It’s time to change this!

How? By starting to shift thought patterns from critical and limiting to supporting and uplifting! My purpose in this article is to give you a powerful means to support you in becoming more confident on a daily basis.

And it all starts with focusing on success! Believe it or not, success is much more broadly defined than simply reaching a goal and each of us is capable of booking hundreds of successes every single day!

Focusing on success

Having a focus on our own success will give us the following benefits:

  • 🔥 Increases awareness of ourselves, where we are and where we want to be
  • 🔥 Boosts self-confidence
  • 🔥 Fosters tendency to think positively towards ourselves
  • 🔥 Helps us recognize areas for improvement
  • 🔥 Supports the habit of looking for the good which makes it easier for us to recognize in our friends, family and clients.

No matter which aspect of life you wish to focus on: self-development, parenting, or business, focusing on success brings incredible benefits to your life and gives you the confidence to win!

Now I promised a tool to put this practically to use. My all-time favorite that I use at home on a daily basis and teach to my clients is the GLAMR framework.

G is for GOAL: confidence for the win

set your goal and win your confidence
Recognize your goal

This first source of success is what people usually think of when they are looking to recognize something they have done well. Nothing wrong with it, it’s just not the ONLY source of success!

Goal means you achieve something you were aiming for!

Some goal examples you can recognize:

  • Reaching your income target for the month.
  • Having a full day just for yourself.
  • Running a 5k.


Learning is a sign of success

Yes, learning something is a sign of success! We could probably imagine if we went through our whole lives without learning. Or worse, we never saw learning as something positive. Moreover, our kids wouldn’t recognize that learning helps them become better and more successful in life. Compared to our access to learning nowadays, wouldn’t it be such a shame?

Learning means you gain a new skill, increase your knowledge or have a renewed insight.

For instance, we can:

  • Identify the main objection you’re getting in sales calls.
  • Understand how to shift/influence your own energy.
  • Go to a yoga class and learn there are some types you don’t enjoy.

A is for ACTION

Take action
Dare to take action!

Next, action taking is another source of success. How is this different from achieving a goal? When you take action, it’s the action itself that counts. Hence, it doesn’t matter if you achieve the goal or not!

Taking action means you dare to take a step towards what you want to achieve! In this case, you’re moving in the right direction – forward.

Some examples include:

  • Reaching out to potential clients.
  • Going to bed at the time you planned to.
  • Calling the salon and making an appointment to get your hair done.


Make progress
Make progress step by step

Wait, wasn’t I making progress by reaching a goal or taking an action, or learning something? Yes, yes…also!

Making progress is a nuanced success. It can come from something you’ve set in motion and only later we see the progress. Making progress is an improvement/progress which is a result of earlier successes.

Examples of making a progress are:

  • Booking in a sales call.
  • Prioritizing self-care on a weekly basis.
  • Planning appointments (even with yourself) into your agenda.


Recognizing our mistakes is a success

Huh? Making a mistake is a success? No, it’s not the mistake that’s the success. It’s the recognition. Because only by becoming conscious of a mistake do we have the opportunity to fix it. Use this source in moderation otherwise the risk is ending up too self-critical again. A recognized mistake is identifying something that went wrong which allows us to correct it next time.

We can recognize our mistakes by these following actions:

  • Not tracking interactions with potential clients.
  • Forgetting to set an alarm to go to bed.
  • Not planning in my self-care (so it doesn’t happen).

So, there you have it, the GLAMR framework! 

Win your confidence with GLAMR
Win your confidence with GLAMR!

Win your confidence: Goal – Learning – Action – Making Progress – Recognized Mistake

Each one of these is a source of success. In fact, each of us is successful literally HUNDREDS of times a day! Now it’s time to start recognizing that success!

Thus, before I sign off…I want to give you a practical way you can apply this tool on a daily basis. Because knowledge, without application, tends to fade over time.  In order to start changing that critical inner voice, building confidence and change the way we talk to ourselves, our clients, partners and kids…add a little GLAMR to your life by writing 3 successes every day. As a result, win your confidence! Pick a moment of the day that will make it easy to remember, for example after your morning cup of coffee or right before you lay down. You can write in a notebook, send yourself a voice memo or create a note on your phone. In brief, you can find a way that works for you. Keep it up, and I guarantee you’ll see a difference in how you view yourself and others soon!

Here’s to your success!

(From the blog team: If you want to explore more about women’s confidence around the world, you can check Women’s Confidence Report.)

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