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H. Phoebe Huang Marzec

H. Phoebe HUANG MARZEC is a Taiwanese mom and a writer living currently in Shenchen, China. She came to Delft in June 2014 with her French husband and a 20-month-old boy and spent 2 whole years with Delft MaMa. Although Phoebe has more than 10 years script writing experiences, she still finds blogging a new and interesting challenge.

Taiwanese Food Circles in the Netherlands

My experiences told me that food can comfort one’s mind with a very unique healing power.

As a Taiwanese proverb says, eating and emperor are equally important to a civilian. It shows how much food means in Taiwanese life style and culture. Taiwanese food plays an important role in my Dutch life too. Whenever I get homesick, I enjoy making Taiwanese food for myself; when I have foreign friends over for dinner, I always share Taiwanese food culture with my guests, too. I deeply believe sharing food with friends or beloved ones can certainly shorten the distance between one and the other.Read More »Taiwanese Food Circles in the Netherlands