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Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022! Celebrating our community

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Welcome to our first Delft MaMa blog post of 2022. For many of us, 2021 was a challenging year, again dominated by COVID regulations and uncertainty. However, it’s wonderful to see that whether it’s during calmer times or a crisis, Delft Mama continues to support international families online and offline. Let’s take some time to celebrate our community!

FLASHBACK TO 2007…and back to 2022!

Hi, I’m Renee, and in 2007, I was pregnant with my first child in Delft, far from my family in Australia. Though I enjoyed many things about living in The Netherlands, I also often felt lost and lonely. I was learning the Dutch language, and though I became a dual national Dutch Australian, it was difficult for me to truly understand the Dutch culture and expectations, especially around birth. Thankfully though, I connected with a group of lovely international ladies who were either pregnant or had young children, including Lucie Cunningham. Lucie had a great idea to create a community, and Delft MaMa was born! Between 2007 and 2022, I’ve made so many friends and had so much support from this group, and will be forever grateful to to this amazing community.

CELEBRATING YOU as part of this community!

Every single Delft MaMa member has their own story, and forms part of this community. Do you remember how and when you first found our group? Maybe you joined us during 2021? Or (much) earlier? Some families find us before they move to Delft, or before they become parents. Others connect when children are already older. Maybe you’re an active member, perhaps more a silent observer. To all of you who have been a part of Delft MaMa at any time – thank you. A special thank you to our volunteers and partners who keep this community running.


It’s been heartwarming to see that our community has been able to adapt to continue connections and conversations online and offline during 2021. Our Facebook group is a popular “meeting point” and monthly meet ups have continued on Zoom. Workshops run online or offline depending on the regulations at the time. Newsletters and blog posts kept us informed and inspired. If you missed any this year, you can catch up on a few highlights via the links below, or explore our whole blog!


Perhaps you’re glad that 2021 is over, or maybe there are things you will miss. Either way I’d encourage you to take some time to really reflect on your year. It’s important to acknowledge and process these tough times, and it you need help to do so, please reach out to our community or a professional. No doubt though you’re also aware of the power of focusing on positivity where possible. Can you think of 5 things that were great about 2021? Taking a few minutes to write these down can make a huge difference to the way you remember the year. Did Delft MaMa help make your year a little better? Please let us know in a comment!

MY 2021

For me, 2021 was a difficult, but also amazing year. Like so many Delft MaMa members, I’m far from family. Due to COVID, again my summer holiday to Australia was cancelled and it will be another year at least until I can visit. However I also loved that lockdowns enforced a slower pace of life, and I was able to spend more time with my “babies” – who are now 12 and 14 and taller than me! The friends I’ve made in the past via Delft Mama made my year much easier, and it’s great to watch some of the “original Delft Mama babies” growing into strong, resilient young adults. It’s so special to see how supportive the community continues to be, in my life and many others.

Hello 2022!

Here’s hoping that 2022 brings wonderful things for you and your family. Again though, in calm times and crisis, the DelftMama community will be there. How will you contribute in 2022? Join our team, ask or answer questions in our Facebook group, share your knowledge and skills in a workshop, or share a smile with another parent over a coffee or at a playgroup? We start out this month with an online workshop about how to feel together with your family, even from a distance. Let’s make 2022 amazing.

Renee 🙂

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