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You’ve just found that out you are pregnant… Congratulations! As if being pregnant isn’t exciting enough, you are also doing it in a country in which you are not familiar with the health care system. You may feel out of your element and not sure where to turn, but you can find the most important information you need for having this baby in the Netherlands right here! If you would like more in depth information, check out this website:

The health care system surrounding birth is most likely different here in the Netherlands than what you are used to from home. Even though your first impulse after finding out about the awesome bun in your oven may have been “I am not having my baby here!!! Get me on the first plane home!”, wherever that may me, you might find that the system here is actually quite nice once you know more about it. In the Netherlands pregnancy isn’t treated like a medical condition, but rather like a natural process. There will only be a medical intervention if a problem arises. Dutch midwives try to interfere as little as possible with pregnancy and birth. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t receive the best care possible.



The credits for the wonderfully informative prenatal pages you find here – goes out to Esther. Thank you for your hard work!

Esther, the woman behind the doula practice is from Germany, and she’ living in the expat world since 2011 with her husband. When she became a mother she realized just how significant and transformative this journey is for a woman and what a profound and enduring impact it can have on her.

Her goal is to guidesupport and empower new parents who may not have friends and loved ones around, through this life-changing experience. By providing emotional, physical and educational support she wants to enable an empowering and memorable birthing experience. She is a Doula (Certification with JJ Doula), and trained for Optimal Fetal Positioning Techniques – based on Spinning Babies. Esther speaks EnglishGerman and Dutch and her travel area extends to approximately 45 minutes around Rijswijk/The Hague/Delft.