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Josefina Cordera

Josefina is from Argentina ad moved into The Netherlands last year. She works as a scientific writer and has worked as a producer for TV broadcasts, documentary films, and podcasts. Josefina is a Ph.D. Anthropology student, focusing on visual anthropology. She enjoys going everywhere by bike, yoga, and sunshine.

Dutch architecture: a women’s matter

amsterdam, house, netherlands-3523995.jpg

One of the things that drove my attention when I came to live in the Netherlands was architecture.  Quite different from my country, this place seems to reflect identity through the way houses are built. I learned about rijtjeshuis and bovenwoning (I live in one of these!). Architecture shapes a city, but who defines it? What are the stories behind those bricked walls that reproduce once and again? Reading about architecture in the Netherlands, brand-new research caught me. It was about women in Dutch architecture history.

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