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Site Credits

DelftMaMa.nl – the Delft Maternity and Motherhood Assistance’s website was created and is maintained by a group of enthusiastic mothers in Delft and its surroundings in the Netherlands.

Our main pillars in the early months of work for this website were Ildikó Wooning, Nina Bogerd, Tarja van Veldhoven, Agnés Batllori-Benet and Ams Huijsing. Claudia Latorre gave us invaluable inspiration and guidance for the project and the design. The incredibly talented Emilie Yane Lopes re-designed the Delft MaMa logo and the message of this wonderful organization. She was there all along: without her work we would probably be going live – just shy of a year late. Chairwoman Anna Kővári was the easiest to work with, we thank you for your understanding and letting us make the technical decisions!


special thanksAll of those who contributed with photographs to be used on the website and across our communications, namely:
* Erika Brouwer for the wonderful photographs she donated and the photos of the Delft MaMa volunteers and board members.
* Karen Heijman
* Tarja van Veldhoven
* Oriana van der Sande
* Emilie Yane Lopes

Content & Editing:
* Esther Robb for all the work she put into the prenatal care pages.
* Ams Huijsing for all the links and information hunting.
* Agnés Batllori-Benet for her never-ending stream of great ideas and of course her writing.
* Heather Montague for editing her share of the content and making sure it’s all in proper English.
* Sara-May Monaghan and Deborah Brandenbarg-Groves for their invaluable time and patience with the rest of the texts.

Website Implementation & Maintenance
* Ildikó Wooning for co-ordinating the team DMM Digital, setting up the site and managing the content.
* Emilie Yane Lopes for implementing the content and DMM style into the website.
* Viji Kannan for sharing the load with maintenance.

TeamworkAnd more…
* Renée Veldman-Tentori for the images, the ideas and her network.
* Carolina Bauque for coordinating the workshops and being the all-round administrative superstar.
* Eva Sabina Amaral for her great organizational skills and sharp view on volunteering.
* Nienke Schield for her advice on the social media accounts.

* Kasia Scholte for all her impeccable work with the newsletter.
* Johanna Nesbitt and Nina Bogerd for their work on the pages of the refugee project.
* Zsófia Patil-Arany for her grounded efforts with the groundbreaking project SLiDe.

* Tarja van Veldhoven for coordinating the blog, ‘killing it’ on Instagram and generally – making it happen.
* Nareen Beales for her patience with the detective work regarding the access points.
* Lucie Cunningham who jumped through all the technical hoops in order to have a new, shiny, stable and secure web hosting.

* Our web hosting company Xynta to make our website available for the world – and especially Axel Polfliet with the never-ending patience.

* And all the other volunteers too, who helped, inspired and were there for us all the way – even anonymously.

UniqueOur philosophy is to provide quality information and guidance for English speaking families who haven’t mastered the Dutch language (yet), and/or are in need of some help with everyday family life.

The aim of Delft MaMa is to make ourselves and newcomers to this town welcomed and feel at home. The community that is changing, evolving and growing behind this idea is thriving.

If you have any comments on any aspect of our website, please contact us. However, be gentle: we are all human and did our best working on the content. If you happen upon mistakes, broken links or out-of-date information, we will be more than happy to correct them as soon as possible.

When we meet – online or offline – we do that in a place of positivity, encouragement and understanding. The women in this group are literally from all over the world and therefore realize that we all have different backgrounds and customs, let alone ideas about parenting. We also know that the culture we grew up in is unique and precious. Never mean any harm. We always strive for – and wish – the best for everybody.

All the texts and photographic material used on this website are protected by copyright. Any change in content requires the prior consent of Delft MaMa. This does not include the use of excerpts or quotes whose source is stated (in the event of Internet publication, also as links).