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Stay Fit

It is very important to stay fit during the pre- and postnatal period. Research shows that regular pregnancy exercise will reap a lot of benefits for mum (mums-to-be) and baby. Aside from following a healthy diet, regular body exercise is vital to help mums gain and maintain their energy levels during these phases. First and foremost, you should always consult your healthcare practitioner before starting any exercise programme.


If you’re concerned about the best way to keep your body and baby healthy during pregnancy, then here is a list of places in and around Delft worth trying out. Note: Most websites are in Dutch and you might need Google translate or to avoid getting lost ‘in translation’. Don’t hesitate to call them directly to ask questions in English or to ask any Delft MaMa linguists near you who will be happy to help you out:

Pregnancy yoga

This usually includes breathing exercise, gentle stretching, developing good postures, and helps with cooling down and relaxation. Great attention is placed on body awareness and alignment.

Yoga Health Centre Delft
Lange Geer 62, 2611 PW Delft

Yoga Studio Jnana
Industriestraat 30, 2624 BB Delft

Neo Yoga Delft
Bacinol 3, Kluizenaarsbocht 6, 2611 VP Delft

Pilates for pregnancy

Targets the exact muscles and functions like pelvic muscles that can be a problem during pregnancy and after birth, in a safe way.

Banyan Yoga
Brabantse Turfmarkt 32, 2611 CN Delft

Womanhood Studio
Vlamingstraat 68, 2611 KZ Delft

Pilates Studio Body and Mind
Singelstraat 49 in Delft (zijstraat Spoorsingel)

Pregnancy Physiotherapy

Proper workouts to strengthen pelvic muscle floors, and breathing and relaxing exercises. Fitness equipments and accessories like fit balls, weights and a dynaband will also be used. The workout is often accompanied with music.

Fysiotherapie Delft
Pootstraat 174A, 2613PN Delft

Fys Optima Delft
Brahmslaan 4 2625BW Delft
Minervaweg 10A 2624 BZ Delft
Van Beresteynstraat 169 2614 HE Delft
Aart vd Leeuwlaan 904 2624 LW Delft

Fysiotherapie Tim
Veulenkamp 45 2623XA Delft

Pregnancy gymnastics

Just any other sort of physical fitness that attunes the body of pregnant women to strengthen and improve muscles of pelvic base and flexibility.

Sportcenter Allround
Zuidhoornseweg 6a, 2635 DJ Den Hoorn

Natuurlijk Begin
De Wending, Raamstraat 67, 2613 RW Delft


It provides good cardiovascular benefits and allows you to feel weightless despite the extra weight added by pregnancy. Performing water activities improves circulation, increases muscle tone and strength, and builds endurance throughout pregnancy.

There are two swimming facilities in Delft that offer pregnancy swimming/aerobics namely:
Weteringlaan 1, 2613 WN Delft

Kerkpolderweg 1, 2625 EB Delft


Therapy that concentrates on the muscles and muscle groups that experience extra strain during pregnancy and birth. The therapy is given on an individual basis and focuses on the specific problem(s) being experienced during pregnancy. It provides the opportunity for learning, feeling and understanding your own body and the changes that occur during pregnancy and birth.

Oefentherapeuten Delft
Industriestraat 28, 2624 BB Delft


The art of emotional touch. Touching the belly of the pregnant woman to communicate with the baby inside. This is a very soft touch, very tender, playful and respectful movement of the baby.

Haptonomie Delft
Noordeinde 21A, 2611 KE Delft

Hofje van Pauw
Paardenmarkt 54, 2611 PC Delft

Outdoor Fitness

A unique pregnancy workout that is directed outdoors. Enhancing mental and physical conditions by proper muscle building exercise, cardiovascular activities (such as walking, jogging etc.) and other forms of relaxation.

Mom in Balance
Meeting Places vary according to the lesson schedule:
DelftseHout (accross from Camping Delftse Hout), Korftlaan 5, Delft
DelftseHout (Knus), Zavelpad 3, Delft
Wilheminapark (across from Sportsfondsbad Delft), Colijnlaan

Check the lesson schedule here.

Prenatal Massage

It is a healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness. Massage relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and edema (or swelling).

Praktijk ROOS
Kluizenaarsbocht 6, 2614 GT Delft

Massagepraktijk Lilaea
Taj Mahalplaats 8, 2624 NH Delft

Massage de Wijnhaven
Wijnhaven 18A, 2611 CS Delft


Congratulations! You have just had your baby and can now explore the wonder of sleepless nights. At some point you may are feel ready to face the challenges of getting back into shape. You should ask for advice from your doctor, and eventually your fitness coach, to create a balanced workout tailored to your needs.

Mother and Child Exercise


A pleasant and playful swimming activity for mother and baby, and also with toddlers, is given in both swimming pools location in Delft. Specific times are given here at Sportsfondsbad and Kerkpolder.

Baby Massage

A special way for mum and baby to bond, that can be also done with fathers. You learn some massage techniques on how to soothe your baby, getting them to calm down and relax. Parents will also learn specific exercises to strengthen the baby. For the mother there are exercises taught to heal quickly after giving birth.

Yoga Studio Jnana
Industriestraat 30, 2624 BB Delft

Hand Over Hand
Zaaihoek 22, 2614 WX Delft

Message de Wijnhaven
Wijnhaven 18A, 2611 CS Delft

(Note: Description of terms and information are attributed to online resources available. This information is only to provide general tips where to go in Delft. Delft Mama has no affiliation with the above mentioned links and makes no guarantee of accuracy about the sites content).