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Parenting in Delft

No matter where you came from, or where you are, parenting is a challenging experience. It hits us hard, because there is no way to feel its full impact – unless you are right in the middle of it already. In any case, relax: we are all a bit stressed on some days and understand what you are going through. On this page we collected as much information in English as possible – regarding parenting in Delft, the Netherlands. If you have questions, or ideas: drop us a line!


You’ve just found that out you are pregnant… Congratulations! As if being pregnant isn’t exciting enough, you are also doing it in a country in which you are not familiar with the health care system. Read more

Daycare for Babies and Toddlers

(Ages 0-4 years) If you are a working family or just want to have a little bit of time for yourself, there are several daycare options for children ages 0-4 in Delft. Depending on your budget and your needs, you can find a solution that works for you. Read more

School Age

Before and after school care, choosing a school, and what to expect are some of the topics discussed in this section. Read more


It’s all a huge adventure: going abroad, studying, working, meeting new people, having the time of your life until suddenly you are sick. You don’t speak the language fully or are from a different culture with very different ideas about medicine, and you may feel completely lost. Read more

Stay Fit!

It is very important to stay fit during the pre- and postnatal period. Research shows that regular pregnancy exercise will reap a lot of benefits for mum (mums-to-be) and baby. Aside from following a healthy diet, regular body exercise is vital to help mums gain and maintain their energy levels… Read more

Getting Pregnant

Getting Pregnant Yes, finally you are ready to take that big step to have children. If you are not one of the lucky couples whose wish to get pregnant becomes true pretty swiftly, you might need assistance in making this dream come true. According to the Dutch Infertility Association Freya,… Read more

Useful Links

Activities for babies, toddlers, and for those pesky rainy days. Find out what to do and where to go! Read more