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Mosaic for Delft – by Delft MaMa

In 2007 Lucie Herraiz Cunningham started to help international women connect and support each other during the demanding years of mothering babies and young children. That’s been 10 years now! In order to mark this occasion and give back to the wonderful city of Delft, which has welcomed our members and became a second home for the whole lot of us, Delft MaMa created a mural. A new mosaic for a graffiti tagged wall near a playground that furthers these connections and contributes to a feeling of security for Delftians.

The mosaic project is a wonderful tribute to Delft itself and the strong international community that grew out of Lucie’s first groups. We stand strong now with well over 1200 members and are still growing.

The crowdfunding was a success!

Here a little recap of the unveiling ceremony:

Before and after

This is how it looked when we started, in September 2017, the wall at the Achtertuin playground.

This was our plan, how we wanted it to look like when are finished…


And this is how it actually turned out!

The place



The unveiling ceremony was a blast! With great turnout and the help of Something Extra everyone had a wonderful time. Check out the short re-cap, and make sure to leave a comment on the photo’s too – the talented Erika Brouwer made them (she is a natural light photographer).

Again, a big thank you goes out for our dear sponsors, donateurs and the over 200 creative mosaic helpers, who were there for us, come rain or shine. THANK YOU!

Pieces are all at their places, the Mosaic for Delft in the playground “De Achtertuin” is ready! Big thanks to Smashing Tiles Mozaiek; more than a hundred Delft MaMa hands, the volunteers from Delft and regio, and the students of Grotius College Delft !

There will be a festive parade and ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday, the 28th of October. You are welcome to join us from 11 o’clock!



The wall is getting fuller, if you want to tell your grandchildren you’ve were involved, don’t hesitate anymore, join us before we finish!

Mark your calendars: 28th October 2017 is the Unveiling Ceremony! From 10:30 on a festive parade will commence to “De Achtertuin” playground. There from 11 o’clock music, face painters and prominent Delftians await everyone to wonder at the beautiful mosaic. Join us! 


We’ve started working on the wall. Action is to be seen (and taken part in!) every good weather day from now on – between 9 am in the morning, till 4 pm in the afternoon. When it’s not pouring, we’re there, join us!

Check out the event page for information on any given day, and don’t hesitate, it’s a lot of fun, and you can see the form taking shape before your very eyes!


21/09/2017 – Working on the Wall

The “stukadoor” begins his work shortly to make the wall ready for the mosaic pieces.
We also have preliminary dates for putting the mosaic, and for the unveiling ceremony. Keep your eyes open for an update!


Gemeente Delft is also supporting us! We are happy to announce that our subsidieaanvraag has been found worthy and we are able to finish the placing of the mosaic. We are also making stepping stones and a lovely group of children will help clean-up the playground altogether! 



We’ve managed to get 108% together of our goals at the end 🙂

Thank you for all for the support, the ideas, the talks, the positive energies! Off to holiday now, and see you 9th August on the first mosaic workshop again!


We are in talks and meetings with Delft Gemeente, TU Delft and DSM..

The flyer run goes also really well, big thank you goes out to our volunteers for that!

The new workshops are scheduled too, two Tuesdays and two Wednesdays  in August: 9, 16, 22 and 29!

Remember to make your donation, time flies! We have 18 days left, and counting…!


We are over the half!

Remember to give yourself up as a volunteer if you’ve been attending our workshops!

Thank you so much for your support! Make sure you tell all your friends, what are YOU giving back to the community! To be active in a crowdfunding campaign is not just super cool, but it does look great on a CV!


Good news Everybody: Fonds 1818 is supporting us!!!

Do so yourself, show us that you care! 

Thank you!


We have official word from the Gemeente Delft: the mosaic plans are accepted by the Kwaliteitskamer! The Crowdfunding can begin!


Writing and proofreading!

We are busy bees behind the scenes filling out the crowdfunding projects details at the platform: www.voorjebuurt.nl

Dotting the i’s now…


Anniversary Meeting

@Jans – we met yet again, to discuss where we stand with our planning and execution.

Among other topics we discussed what happened at the BeursVloer 11/04/2017, where Lucie Cunningham and Ildikó Wooning found connections to make the 10-year anniversary of Delft MaMa memorable. 

01/04/2017 mosaic delft

Levende Etalagedag

We had a lot of (pieces of) fun with our kids creating flowers. Thanks to Nan, Barbara and Masha and all the others for the warm welcome into the world of mosaics!

09/03/2017 mosaic delft

We have dates for preliminary Mosaic Workshops!
The workshops will take place at the SKD location (where the playgroups are twice a week), on these days:
* May 12,
* May 16th
* May 30
If you are interested in learning more about our project and how you can get involved – including making your hands dirty – let us know! Write us a message, and/or check out the Facebook Event page, where you’ll find more information and practical tips too.


Finding funds – now that’s a job you have to take seriously. The meeting was between Diana and Ildikó, with the creative input of a lot more Delft mama’s!

Fonds 1818, Oranjefonds, Gemeente Delft – we are asking them all to contribute to bring our wonderful design to life. 


Sunday afternoon at Sevenhills.

We’ve been working hard on a plan for crowdfunding the mosaic plan. The steps are being worked out, the media plan is in full-swing and creating “the hype” is burning high!


Design meeting

Our wonderful designers were showing their hard work and we’ve been blown away by them. It was a tough choice, but we are all happy with the decision. Claudia and Nan were working closely to finalize the ideas, “bridging” the gaps 😉 and creating a color palette that will please the eyes of the architects! 


Mosaic meeting

Our designers have been working hard! They made sketches, listened to our ideas, collected inspiration.  They also learned technical details, researched practicalities about how to create a mosaic, and their dive was deep into the heart of making a mosaic with volunteers. We have a “winner” design, which will be worked on some more, to bridge the ideals that we think of, when we hear the word: Delft.


Skype session with designers

This was a fun one! Spiced with some technical difficulties – which we did conquer after all – we’ve finally met! There was the connector, the consultant, the designers, the artist, and the organizer – all in one virtual place, after all the kids were fed, bathed and in bed 😉

Oh, the joys of being a mom! Now, off to bigger plans!


These organisations and businesses support our project. We’ve got really positive feedback from them and had pleasant contacts with them. We are very grateful they can see our project builds not only a mosaic – but a community! Thank you so much! It would not be possible without you!

A big thank you goes out to all these people, who supported our crowdfunding project in the first place:

Rachelle Shatou – Bueno de Mesquita     Lucie Cunningham     Marie Kummerlowe     Amy McGriff     Roely en Peter Hofman     Peter Oskam     Charles Hansen     Lindsay Uittenbogaard     Sandra I. Trevino Barbosa     Ildikó Wooning     Corinne du Burck     Ton van Bergen     Efthimia Aivaloglou     Lieske Pauw     Renee Veldman-Tentori     Vanessa de Oliveira     Emilie Yane Lopes     Nareen Beales     Roya Caviglia     Saskia Hulsker     Pavel Babal     Maria Stern     Anna Kővári     Monique Martens     Tonya Tolmeijer     Luisa Michelutti     Eva Amaral     Janneke Schoonbeek     Tarja van Veldhoven     Oriana Sande     Karen Heijman     Pudjiatie Chandra     Tatjana Lisjak     Bassem Zaarour     Amanda de Souza     Arline Wooning     Rebecca Vallance     Elinor Abramson     Brenda en Melanie van Carpe Diem     Diana Oord     Martijn Aalberts     Vera ter Beest     Frits Hubbeling     Jett Dadswell     Monique Roodenburg     Ams Huijsing     Peter Van Hemmen     Maria Parra Calvache     De Zuster Gasthuis BV     FOX-IT     Marieke ter Laak     Éric Piel     Mary de Groot     IamExpat.nl     Marlieke den Dulk     Simone Krielen     Sabine Jenning     Maria Catalina Peñuela B.     Peter en Diana Oord     Collectanten van het Oranjefonds     Hilde Vonk     Max & Onna Hofman Batllori     Renee Veldman     Suzanne MacNeil     Ludwig Groenefelt     Jeroen Struyk

How to contribute?

Crowdfunding is a success!

Donations can’t be made anymore through the crowdfunding project site: https://www.voorjebuurt.nl/campaigns/mozaiekvoordelft

We have other means – try through simple bank transfer or paypal payment.

We have really cool rewards for our donateurs – and if you are a business, you can profit from our business packages. We can make your business visibility shoot through the roof in the international community of Delft and surroundings!

With your time

If you wanted to get your hands “dirty”, you were always more than welcome to take part in creating the mosaic itself, you know that! Unfortunately for you, this project is now ending, the pieces are on the wall, grouting is done, so you can’t actually contribute with your time anymore.

Now it’s time to celebrate, and you are warmly welcome on the 28th of October, coming Saturday from 11 o’clock to join our party at De Achtertuin playground.

However, there will be other projects by Smashing Tiles Mosaic, so keep an eye out for their pages for future community projects and in any case don’t hesitate to contact us! Write us a message, and/or check out the Facebook Event page of Delft MaMa.

Via bank transfer

NAME: Delft MaMa
IBAN: NL63RABO 0135 88 85 49
Mention “Mosaic” and your name and address in the description so that we can properly thank you!
The Stichting Delft MaMa is a registered Dutch charity whose KvK Chamber of commerce registration number is 27304191.

Easily with PayPal

Click of a button, it’s super easy!
Make sure you are stating your name and address (and mosaic) in the description bar that we can properly thank you!

Tell all your friends!

Let the world hear about your interest in our project, the more the merrier! It really means a lot to us, knowing you care. It’ll be a permanent reminder of our working together – for the neighborhood, for Delft, not to mention future tourists and your future self too 🙂