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Meet Delft MaMa’s Outreach and Partnership Coordinator

Coordinator Sowmya
Meet Sowmya!

Part 4 of a Series

Each week in the coming months, our blog team will share an interview with the coordinators of the various departments that make up the Delft MaMa organization. These coordinators, all of whom are volunteers, are the people who keep Delft MaMa such an active, vibrant community that helps so many parents in the Delft area.

This week, meet the Outreach and Partnership Coordinator of Delft MaMa, Sowmya Shreedhar.

Tell Us About Yourself

Hello there! I am Sowmya Shreedhar. Born and brought up in India, I moved to the Netherlands 3 years ago after spending 2 years in the beautiful Czech Republic. After having spent 10 wonderful years as a researcher, I now work as a scientific coordinator in academics. I live here with my husband and am absolutely in love with the cute little town of Delft!

What is your role within the Delft Mama Organization?

I volunteer as Outreach and Partnership Coordinator. I have always loved organizing events. Delft MaMa gave me the right opportunity to do what I love. I joined Delft MaMa during the pandemic. Hence my responsibility included organizing events online, coordinating with partners, looking for new sponsors, funding opportunities, and generating ideas for new partnership programs.

How has Delft Mama contributed to your adaptation to life in the Netherlands?

It was the time when I was looking for switching my career from a scientist to a scientific coordinator and Delft MaMa provided me with the right platform to start my exploration. I was fortunate enough to meet Maria Steenhuizen who had a lot of experience in organizing partnership programs. In addition, I received several opportunities to network with expats here in The Netherlands.

What’s your favorite place in Delft?

I have many of them but if I have to pick one, then it is my home. Being on a high-rise building, my home offers me a great view. On my balcony, I can overlook as far as Rotterdam port on one end and Hague on the other. I can spend hours sky-gazing through my telescope.

balcony view
I wake up daily to this beautiful view.

What do you do for fun?

My husband and I travel a lot. We love exploring new places. Additionally, I love painting, indoor gardening, reading books, and sky-gazing.

Share a secret with us!

I am turning spiritual. I found my spiritual guru in 2019 and was initiated into this journey. Since then my life has transformed wonderfully in many ways.

Near Grote Plas with my husband.

Volunteer at Delft MaMa

Delft MaMa is run by a team of talented and dedicated volunteers, eager to participate in projects and give a little bit (or a lot) of our time and expertise – and then go the extra mile too! We organize different activities with a wide range of purposes: give workshops, coordinate playgroups, and other social and business meetings, all with the common goal of connecting international families in Delft and its surrounds.

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