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International Blogs in the Netherlands

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that the Delft Mama community has a fabulous blog!  With a team of talented writers (even if I do say so myself – I’ve learned to be less modest and more direct in the Netherlands), we aim to provide regular interesting and informative articles.

However there are many other international blogs in the Netherlands that you may enjoy as well.  Some of our members have their own personal blogs and there are many other international blogs in the Netherlands, which I’ve followed for some time.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting most of the the authors in person, but even if you haven’t, what I love about blogs is that the style of writing often feels like you are sitting down with a friend over a cup of tea.  Here are a few of my favourites….and please add yours in a comment below!

Exploring Delft

Alice lives in my neighbourhood in Ypenburg.  Like me, we’re technically just “over the border” from Delft, but as you’ll see by visiting her blog, Delft has captured our heart.  Actually, I must do some research, I believe our part of Ypenburg used to be within the Delft city limits, and we still have 015- phone numbers.  Anyway….Alice is Dutch but writes in English and shares a lot of great information about shops, restaurants and special places in Delft.

European Mama

Olga is The European Mama and writes about parenting, travelling, cooking and living the European life.  She also guest posts on many other sites, including big names like Huffington Post.

Dutch Dutch Goose

Elizabeth is also an Ypenburg resident, originally from the US but living here while her husband pursues his PhD at TU Delft.  Their family has travelled widely and she shares it all with her readers.

Kristen in Clogland

Like me, Kristen is an Australian who married a Dutchie, and has now settled long-term in the Netherlands.  She lives in beautiful Maassluis, but is a regular visitor to Delft.  She’s quite new to blogging but has already shared lots of great stories and tips.

On Raising Bilingual Children

Originally from Canada, Eowyn is now based in The Hague and shares lots of very useful information and tips about raising children bilingually.

Finding Dutchland

Rina Mae has a talent for combining words and glorious images to give us a new perspective of this country which she’s adopted as her home, after moving here from the US.  She’s also co-author of a brand new book launching this month called The Happiest Kids in The World: Bringing up children the Dutch Way.

Invading Holland

Ex-Brit Stu has a delightful sense of humour and illustrates his insights.  And he has t-shirts to match!  The “Dutch Circle Party Survivor” has to be my favourite!

Dutched Up!

Ok, technically a book and not a blog, but brings together 36 women expat bloggers in the Netherlands to share experiences of their life here.  Each has their own blog you can visit, but this book is a great way to enjoy a variety of writing styles all in one place – and you’re bound to identify with at least one, if not many more of the stories!


Again a little different, this is a vlog (video log) rather than a blog… I love these beautifully produced short videos focussing on travel and food.

Stuff Dutch People Like

This blog has become wildly successful, with a Facebook page and corresponding books.  Created by Canadian Colleen Genske, it’s easy to see why – it’s an intelligent but also hilarious insight into life in the Netherlands.

Delft Mama Blogs

After writing the list above, I asked in the Delft MaMa Facebook group which of our members had a blog.  A couple double up with those above, but I’m still including them in this list to make clear they are part of the Delft MaMa community.  I’ve not yet had a chance to check them all out but it’s great to know there are so many bloggers in our midst and this list will be handy to come back to again and again.  Language in brackets if it’s not (only) in English.  I have also run out of time to add in descriptions but also thought it could be fun this way, you can click on one of these treasure trove and just see where you end up!

If you are also part of the Delft MaMa community and have a blog, or if you own one of these blogs and would like to share more about it, please comment below or in the Facebook group.

Other Parenting groups in The Netherlands 

There are several other blogs covering other locations in the Netherlands that are also well worth a look:

And probably other ones I’m missing, so if you know of one, add it in a comment below!

My own blogs 

I’m a blogging addict myself and actually have several, which I post to when I have time.  Over the years haves shared tips and experiences  you may find interesting.    On Dutch Australian, I write about my life between two countries.  Culture and Kids  is about – well – as the name says!  I particularly enjoy visiting museums with my daughters and then writing about the experience, and happy to have guest bloggers do the same!  Professional Parents began as part of my search for family work balance and Zestee is my own business blog, mostly about social media and elearning, but I’m also blogging about my Masters.   Kids English Club is one I started with my daughters – we haven’t had much time to work on this one yet but hope to in the future!

Your blog

Do you have your own blog?  If so, please share in a comment below so we can check it out!  And if not – why not start one today?!  You can sign up at in minutes, and there are also many other blogging platforms.  Or you may like to guest blog for Delft Mama or other blogs?

Any thoughts on blogging most welcome in a comment below.






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