We are all touched by the events of our greater environment. If you want to get out there and actively get involved, here you can find links to the initiatives in Delft, where Delft mamas and papas can truly make a difference.


  1. Our volunteer Nina Bogerd, together with Gijsje Jacobs are regularly providing material items for expecting refugee families. Since they provide only the items needed by refuge families, regularly the list with items being collected for a particular family, is published on Delft MaMa Facebook Page.  To help, please keep an eye open when the list is published. So you can donate what you do not need anymore.
  2. Delftse Buur is a very nice local initiative, where you register to be a buddy for a refugee that has gotten a permit to live in Holland. You should be able to speak Dutch at a level that also allows you help the refugee to learn Dutch.
  3. KoffieNL. Every Wednesday morning from 10 to 12 at the Burgwal 50 (Jessehof) there is possibility to meet refugees to have a coffee together and to talk to them in Dutch
  4. Soft Landing in Delft (SLiDe) is a pilot program run by Delft MaMa volunteers to help newcomers find their way around town in as little as six weeks.