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Delft MaMa is a productive and reliable international community that contributes to the greater good in Delft. We do this through three main initiatives.

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Soft Landing in Delft (SLiDe) is a pilot programme run by Delft MaMa volunteers to help newcomers find their way around town in as little as six weeks.

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We are all touched by the events of our greater environment. If you want to get out there and actively get involved, here you can find links to the initiatives in Delft, where Delft mamas and papas can truly make a difference.

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The Mosaic Project of 2016 produced a piece of public art for the city of Delft. We worked with our volunteers and partners to create something for the whole community.


Career Support

Delft MaMa partners with Melly Consulting to provide career-related programming to our community.