Happy World Children’s Day! Let’s celebrate it together.


World Children’s Day was first established in 1954 as Universal Children’s Day. Each year it is celebrated around the globe on 20 November to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children’s welfare. 20 November is an important date as it is the date in 1959 when the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. It is also the date in 1989 when the UN General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child (source: United Nations).

Today we would like to celebrate this very special occasion with you! As a token of celebration, Delft MaMa and its partners are delighted to present 8 exclusive offers of useful and wonderful products and professional services for women and families!

To benefit from the offers, please use the promo code DelftMaMa2020 when purchasing the products and services. The promotion lasts until the end of this year (31 December 2020). Make sure to purchase, (pre)order or make a reservation of the products/services that you have chosen before the promotion period ends.

We hope that you will enjoy these special offers. Please feel free to share this information with your network and friends. Together, let’s make more people happy with them!

You can browse through all the offers below, or clicking in these links:

Erika Brouwer – Photography
Eva Amaral – Coaching
Dr. Nina Bogerd – Hypnobirthing and doula support
Chameleon Reader – Learning device
Ute Limacher-Riebold, PhD – Helping multilingual families
Online shop Ikwordmama – Online shop for children
Yoko Gomi – Children’s book
Roya Caviglia – Baby sign language

Erika Brouwer

Erika first heard about Delft MaMa after she gave birth to her first child in 2011. She barely knew anyone in Delft and back then she worked full time in another city. As she joined the community and regularly visited the playgroup, she met fellow young mothers, with whom she shared the stories of living abroad and having babies in foreign countries. She also volunteered as a playgroup host for more than a year.

In 2015 she became a stay at home mother, expecting her second baby. She then returned to her favourite hobby – taking photographs of her children. She also took on a big challenge and started her own photography business, doing what she loves for others – preserving family memories. Erika’s photography services include maternity, newborn & baby and family sessions.

Website: www.erikabrouwerphotography.com

Why would it be relevant for you?

Erika works in a relaxed client’s home atmosphere, taking the time for each other and sharing stories. She loves connecting with families and building a trustworthy relationship. Her clients are truly grateful for her devotion and totally love their photo galleries.

Erika’s special offer for the Delft MaMa`s community.

15% discount for all photography sessions. Limited spots are available and the offer is valid for reservations made during the promotional period. The sessions will be held at your homes and take about 2 hours. A beautiful and natural linen-covered photo book is included in each package. For more details, please visit www.erikabrouwerphotography.com.

Contact details

Reach Erika

via email:contact@erikabrouwerphotography.com

on her mobile number: +31 6 81 88 2 555

Eva Amaral

Eva’s connection to Delft MaMa goes back to 2014. Amongst diverse ad hoc activities, she started her involvement with DMM as a Playgroup Coordinator, then took the role of Head of Resources and she also volunteered as a Slide Mentor.

Nowadays, her focus goes to her twofold career – she gives career and life coaching services; she also works in Human Resources with a strong emphasis in talent development and talent acquisition.

Eva coaches people through their personal and professional transitions and despite working with various ranges of individual backgrounds, her focus lies on the ones that come along with becoming a mother.

Website: www.multipathscoaching.com


Eva helps mothers dealing with change and keeping their peace of mind. By working together, Eva and you explore and overcome potentially negative emotions – such as guilt or fear -, spice up your confidence and boost your self-esteem!

She will guide you through your personal and/or professional transitions, explore your values and goals. The intention is to get you deeply connected to yourself in order to achieve a more balanced and authentic life.

A mother’s peace of mind has a strong, positive impact on her life. It brings her tranquillity, enabling her to live her life and to raise her children in a happy and emotionally-safe environment.


15% discount on any of Multipaths services to the first 5 people who sign up within the promotional period (first come first served basis). For more information on services, please visit www.multipathscoaching.com.


Reach Eva

via email: eva@multipathscoaching.com

via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Multipathscoaching

Dr. Nina Bogerd

Dr. Nina Bogerd is a labour doula and HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator. Nina is Slovenian and since 2012 she has lived and worked in the area of Delft. She studied physiotherapy specializing in human physiology through her postgraduate and postdoctoral studies.

Giving birth and becoming a mother to her two sons meant for Nina discovery of what the words, miracle and unconditional love, mean. Yet, it was the loss of her third son and supporting refugee mothers that ignited compassion in her and that propelled her to leave her academic career to become a labor doula and childbirth educator. Nina is the owner of Birth Your Way where she provides labor doula and childbirth education services to expecting expat families.

Website: www.birthyourway.nl


“At Birth Your Way we know that, as an expat, you need and deserve more. We are expats too and, not so long ago we were expecting and birthed in the Netherlands too. At Birth Your Way we cherish your cultural roots, we honor the uniqueness of your family and life situation. We meet your birthing preferences with greatest respect and provide tailored support so you can birth your way. We are exceptionally committed to providing you with support based on evidence-based knowledge and professional attitude. At Birth Your Way your emotional needs will be met with ultimate understanding, empathy and love.”


  • 25% discount on Individual HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method Birth Education Course (full price EUR 295), which includes 5 meetings of 2.5 hour. The course can be given at the couple’s home or at Nina’s office, Open Female Hub, in Den Haag (https://thefemalehub.com/).
  • 25% discount on Doula Support (full price EUR 895).

The offers are valid for registration during the promotional period and can then be used throughout 2021.


Reach Nina

via email: nina@birthyourway.nl

on her mobile number/via WhatsApp: +31 61 961 87 09

via Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/birthyourwaybynina

Chameleon Reader

Chameleon Reader is a kit to turn any regular book to an audiobook – in your voice or other voices – for children to listen to any time. It includes a reading pen and 5,000 multifunctional stickers. You can add up to 4 versions in different languages or read by different people. It is so nice to see children reading books while hearing their parents’ or grandparents’ voices telling the stories.

Website: www.chameleon-reader.com

Why would it be relevant for you?

Chameleon Reader is more than a toy. It is a good way to encourage children to read (child-led learning), a great tool for multilingual families and it allows children to stay connected with their loved ones who live far away. This video will help you understand how it works:

Special offer for the Delft MaMa’s community.

Buy your first product via the website with the promo code and get a EUR 10 coupon for your next purchase.

Contact details

Find out more about the reader and order it via the website: https://www.chameleon-reader.com/shop

Read the interview with the founder of Chameleon Reader, Joie Yen, here:  https://delftmama.nl/chameleon-reader-by-joie-yen/. In this article, Joie shares her story of becoming an entrepreneur while being an expat mom in the Netherlands.

Ute Limacher-Riebold, PhD

Dr. Ute Limacher-Riebold is an Intercultural Language Consultant at Ute`s International Lounge. She is specialized in bi- and multilingualism and intercultural communication, and helps international families find the most suitable strategies to maintain their home languages and cultures whilst acquiring and learning others.

Ute is multilingual herself (German, Italian, French, English, Swiss-German, Dutch, Spanish) and raises her three children with multiple languages too.

Website: www.utesinternationallounge.com


With Ute you will get answers to questions related to raising children abroad with multiple languages and cultures. Raising children “among cultures” and with different languages is easier when we know what to expect in the different phases of our children’s journey.

Ute’s advice is based on scientific findings and experiences. She tailors her suggestions to the children’s needs and developmental stage, always considering the whole family as a team that works towards short and long term goals together.

Ute’s special offer for the Delft MaMa community members

  • 20% discount off the regular price (97 euro) for a Light Language Consultation (30 mins intake + 60 mins consultation)
  • 20% off the regular price (57 euro) for a short training ENJOY raising children with multiple languages (2 hours online training via Zoom) in groups of max 5 participants.

Note: the next training will take place on Thursday 10 December 19:00.

  • A special price of 57 euro for a 1-hour consultation, called Effective communication

Contact details

Reach Ute

via email:info@UtesInternationalLounge.com

via Facebook:



or via other social media listed on her website

or book a consultation: https://www.utesinternationallounge.com/book-a-consultation-with-ute/

Online shop Ikwordmama

Ikwordmama.nl is an online shop selling products for children from 0 to 5 and their parents. They offer a wide range of well-known brands for children, such as Maxi-Cosi, Babyzen, Recaro, Mima, Mutsy, Safety1st, Philips Avent, Medela, Aerosleep, BeSafe, Easywalker, Ergobaby, Tula and many others. Over 3000 items are available for immediate purchase via their website.

Website: www.ikwordmama.nl


Ikwordmama stands for high quality products, great service, convenience, and quick delivery. More than 250.000 mothers are happy with their products.


20% discount on all products (except products with special price). The discount does not apply in combination with other promotions.

Use this link https://www.ikwordmama.nl?from-delftmama and the promo code to get the discount.


Reach Ikwordmama
via email:  info@ikwordmama.nl
via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ikwordmama.nl


Yoko established her creative space Collectionaise in 2019 with the purpose of creating a fun, engaging and creative learning space for everyone.

Absorbing herself in creative projects really helped her to handle the anxiety resulting from some hardships in her life. Through Collectionaise, she wants to offer a mindful space for people to discover their creativity and find a creative outlet to relax and unwind.

Yoko has recently launched a book called Have You Heard of a Kuku Bird? It is a story about one particular Kuku Bird that lives in a valley with other Kuku Birds.

Website: collectionaise.com


Yoko wrote this book with a message to embrace diversity and what makes each of us uniquely beautiful. The book also aims to remind us that we can all do our bit to make this world a brighter place for all living creatures.


An exclusive set of a children’s book “Have You Heard of a Kuku Bird?” (in either English, Dutch or Japanese) and 3 parenthood themed postcards for EUR 16.50 including shipping within the Netherlands. For every purchase, EUR 2 is donated to Delft MaMa to support its activities.

Find out more about the offer here: https://collectionaise.com/products/delft-mama-exclusive-set-childrens-book-and-3-parenthood-greeting-cards.


Reach Yoko

via email:hello@collectionaise.nl

via Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/collectionaise


Roya teaches Infant Communication, an international form of baby sign language. Signs are simplified to allow very small babies to communicate before they can speak.

As a mother of trilingual children, she has a special interest in helping multilingual families be successful. She believes that starting communication off with your infant as soon as possible is really important in this situation and signing with your baby is an ideal way to build a bridge between languages.

Also, being a native speaker from the UK, Roya has been teaching English as a foreign language for several years in different European locations. Now based in Delft, South Holland, she created English Voice and is continuing to take on students together with her teaching team.

Website: babysignlanguagecourse.com & englishvoice.nl


With the Infant Communication Baby Sign Language Course you can find out the benefits of two-way communication with your preverbal baby. You will discover how they can tell you clearly what they need and want even though they cannot yet say a word.

Taking action by learning just one sign today will enable you to strengthen the bond you are developing with your baby. It will help kick start your baby’s cognitive development. 

English Voice’s teaching team sets up and teaches individual and group classes to people of all ages, from young children to lifelong learners, and for most contexts including business English, examinations and for personal enrichment.

For children, courses are designed with their age group and language learning needs in mind following the curriculum at the childrens’ school or their interests.


  • Free access to the DMM Baby Sign Language Workshop. Visit https://www.babysignlanguagecourse.com/delftmama/ and sign up there to receive the link to access the workshop. You will also receive a coupon code for 10% off enrollment on the online Infant Communication Course.
  • 50% discount (full price EUR 15)on Online Storytime, a 30- minute Zoom English lesson for 2-5 year olds with a story and a song. The discount is valid for purchases of 4 lessons.


Reach Roya

for Baby Sign Language Course

via email:yourfriends@babysignlanguagecourse.com

via Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/groups/babysignlanguagecourse

for language courses

via email:info@englishvoice.nl

via Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/EnglishVoiceNL

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