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Frog? Spotted! Spider? Spotted! Lake? BINGO!

Coming Sunday the 29th of May, Delft MaMa is having its first charity walk and Delftse Hout will be turned into a bingo park. Sharpen up your searching skills and make sure you can spot all what’s on the bingo card that the volunteers will give to you upon registration.

Who do we do that all for? For you, for her, for him, for them, for us all, members of the Delft MaMa community!

I came to know about Delftse Hout a little less than two years ago.

Like every morning, my then 5 months old baby and I would walk to the boulangerie (bakery) to buy some bread, chat with the lady about bits and bops and wander back home. Sometimes taking a detour, sometimes going  back straight.

On that day, the baker asked me where were we heading afterwards and I shily said home. Might my voice sounded nostalgic or eager to have a better plan? Might, as the lady enthusiastically blurted: how about you go to Delftse Hout? I bet you do not know it, and no doubt that you are going to love it. She wrote down the name on a piece of brown baking paper, along with a map where to find the best hidden spots including restaurants.

And of I rolled the buggy, all the way from the Oude Kerk to the entrance of the park. I was so longing for a break in the forest.
We had as much time as our heart desired, some baked goods for me and as for munchkin, he was on an exclusive breast milk diet. As easy as it could be.

Starting with the petting zoo and water playground at the entrance of the park, down the road to the scouts center, the bridge with views over the canal, the lake,…The more we walked the better it got. The sounds of the highway sounded further and further away, we could almost hear the silence. Heaven.

Almost two years have gone by since our discovery. I have lost count of how many times we made it to the Delft forest, surely more than 50. Every time we go, we discover things we haven’t seen before. That counts too for flowers, plants, branches, stones…

My favourite hobby is to observe that Delftse Hout meets the needs of everyone. For the ones who like to sport there are many options, including a tennis and a rugby club, for those who prefer to sunbathe in the sand or in the grass, for the windsurfers, the swimmers and the ones that like to fish. Not to forget walkers, hikers and explorers. Beer tasters have also a spot and those who like to see things from the inside (the water) out (to the park) can jump on a rowing boat and float around.

There is a Delftse Hout for everyone, but this very Sunday the 29th of May there will be one for all. We will walk together to keep Delft MaMa running. 

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