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Clothes swap

October 12, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Van der Lelijstraat 40
2614 EM Delft

Let’s help each other’s pockets and the environment!!!

We will be swapping children and maternity clothes with each other.
We have no complicated rules.

1. You bring clothes you or your kid don’t use anymore, in good condition for another round.
2. We all look at each other clothes and pick what we like. We don’t count pieces or anything: if you’ll use it, you can take it.
3. At the end you can either take your remaining clothes back home or you can leave them to be sent to charity.*

We discourage selling clothes because the idea is just to help each other in our community, like if we were living back home and passing on clothes between cousins, right? But if you really want to sell then please do so for a small amount 🙂

So start cleaning closets and drawers, it’s on!!!!

*Clothes nobody wants to take home will be brought to one of the second hand shops in Delft.

You can follow the event’s updates in our Facebook event.



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