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Children and Maternity Clothes Swap

children clothes
March 27, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
online - Facebook

Let’s help each other’s pockets and the environment with the Delft MaMa Clothes Swap!!!

We will be swapping children and maternity clothes with each other, but this time only online.
  1. We have created a private Facebook group for the online exchange. Please enter this code when joining the group: DMM2021.
  2. From now until March 27th, you can prepare pictures on your phone/computer of the clothes you want to swap. Please group small items (onesies, socks, baby hats) into one bundle per size. We encourage special items to be pictured individually (cute dress, rain boots, etc.).
  3. On March 27th we will all post the pictures of the items we want to swap to the private Facebook group at 10.00 AM. Please include size on the photo description.
  4. You can claim as many items as you have posted by commenting on the picture of the item you want. First comment gets the item.
  5. Exchanges are arranged individually by the members following COVID-19 rules (leave bag at the door, keep 1.5m distance). Please use private messaging.
So start cleaning closets and drawers, it’s on!!!!

*Clothes nobody wants to take home can be donated.

Any questions, please comment on this Facebook event.



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