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Delft MaMa’s General Meeting

Dear mamas and papas, we would like to invite you to our Spring General Meeting. These meetings occur once per quarter and are an opportunity for YOU to learn more about how DelftMaMa operates and our yearly activities.

This is also the first meeting with our new chairperson, Meredith, and is a great occasion to meet the DelftMaMa team and community. Put a face to the names, and show your own face!

If you have been volunteering for us, don’t miss a chance to meet your fellow volunteers. If you have ideas for our community, come and share!

Hope to see you there!!

Charity walk

Please join your Delft MaMa community at the fourth edition of the Delft MaMa Charity Walk!

We will gather in front of the waterspeeltuin at Korftlaan 3A, 2616 LJ Delft. The loop is about three kilometers. At the meetup point you will be offered a map with the route to follow along with a quiz for kids. Kids are welcome to come with scooters, loopfiets, skates, rollerblades, sneakers with wheels, wings if they know how to fly…
Refreshments will be offered at the finish line. If the weather allows it, consider staying for a picnic (if you do, please do not forget to bring food and drinks along).

Please sign up by e-mail before Thursday, June 6, indicating your name, the number of adults and the number and age of the kids that will be joining at: voorzitterdelftmama@gmail.com

This is a fundraiser event for Delft MaMa’s operating expenses. Contribution starts (but is not limited to) 10 euros per family, which can be paid in the following ways:
– Tikkie: follow this link;
– Direct transfer to the Delft MaMa bank account. IBAN: NL63RABO 0135 88 85 49, Description: “Charity Walk 2019 donation” + your name;
– OR Cash on site.

Spread the word among family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances! You can also find this event on Facebook.

**This event will be weather-dependent, based on the forecast Friday, June 7, when we will confirm or cancel on this event’s Facebook page. Click “Interested” or “Attending” to stay up to date!**

Delft MaMa BBQ

Delft MaMa’s annual gathering is back!

Let’s kick off the summer by lighting BBQs and enjoying lunch together at Delft’s most beloved park. Sharing is caring, so we’re doing a potluck this time. Bring your family along and get to meet some other international families.

We kindly request a €5 contribution per family which will be used to provide disposable eating utensils and drinks. We also welcome donations to support our group’s operation.

Save the date and sIgn up now!! Contributions and/or donations can be sent via the payment link request stated above. Please contact Hellen Chandra-Boortman via WhatsApp at +31 4938 4526 or email to secretarisdelftmama@gmail.com when you’ve done the payment, also if you have any questions.

– We are looking for a few BBQs to borrow. Please let us know if you can help.
– Advance payment is highly appreciated.
– Children are welcome. Don’t forget to take some sun care, sand/beach toys and change of clothes for optimum fun!
– Bring your picnic mat/pop-up tent for extra comfort.

Children’s Cloth Swap

Let’s help each other’s pockets and the environment!!!

We will be swapping children and maternity clothes with each other.
We have no complicated rules.

1. You bring clothes you or your kid don’t use anymore, in good condition for another round.
2. We all look at each other clothes and pick what we like. We don’t count pieces or anything: if you’ll use it, you can take it.
3. At the end you can either take your remaining clothes back home or you can leave them to be sent to charity.*

We discourage selling clothes because the idea is just to help each other in our community, like if we were living back home and passing on clothes between cousins, right? But if you really want to sell then please do so for a small amount 🙂

So start cleaning closets and drawers, it’s on!!!!

*Clothes nobody wants to take home will be brought to one of the second hand shops in Delft.

Music workshop for babies/toddlers

DelftMaMa is proud to present the first set of music workshops for babies and toddlers with teacher Zdenka Prochazkova. Lessons will be held in a cosy private apartment close to the city center every Thursday between March 15 and April 5 (four times in total).

The workshops are suitable for babies older than 6 months and toddlers up to 4 years. Each group can accommodate 7 mothers with their kids. Price is 20 euro ( 5 euro per lesson).

Group 1 (6 month – 2 years): 10 – 10.30 am
Group 2 (2 years – 4 years) : 10.40 -11.25 am

You can apply by sending a message to Workshop Coordinator Tatjana Lisjak.

More information at the workshop’s facebook page.

Dutch Learning and Playing Together Group

Families in Delft, we would like to invite you to our new Dutch Learning And Playing Together group.

It can be hard to move to a new country, all the while taking care of a child and trying to learn how to live in a new culture. Therefore, this group aims to make it easier for mothers and their children learn a new language.

We believe that the support of a professional Dutch teacher, Dutch volunteers and fostering a community of moms and kids learning together will positively contribute to our learning. It is important to “Learn and Play Together!”

Age Group: 1-6 years.
Cost: 7.5 Euros for every week, each parent (Prices can be changed due to learning type activities as workshops etc.)
Place for maximum 15 children

Please join us and learn about the facilities of learning a new language with love.

Delftmama Mexican Cooking Evening

Hosted by Sandra Ivonne Barbosa

Let’s enjoy a Mexican dinner together. We’ll be preparing a quick but delicious starter: guacamole! Then we’ll be making home-made real Mexican tacos from scratch! In Mexico we prefer corn than wheat and we DON’T use taco shells, so we’ll prepare corn tortillas from scratch and we will also prepare the filling with minced meat: our typical “picadillo” filling. And for the ones who like spicy, we will also prepare a true Mexican salsa with “chile de árbol” (red chili peppers from Mexico).


– Fees are 10 euro per person.

– There are only 5 spots available, and the registration will be processed on a first come first serve basis.

– To register for this event, please email Anish Patil at info@cultureguru.nl. Once your registration is confirmed, you will receive an email with bank information where payment can be made and event location details will be sent.

– It is a participatory event, where we will all cook & eat together and clean after us before heading home.

Volunteer Christmas Party

At the beginning of the busiest of seasons we organize a lovely Christmas party for our tireless volunteers. We do this yearly, to show them how much we appreciate their efforts the whole year.

This is a closed party, only volunteers of Delft MaMa are to come. If you’d like to be a part of this awesome group, make sure you contact us and let us know what you’d like to do for our organisation. We have a wide variety of jobs, regular and one-off events where you can try yourself out, as an organizer or a hands-on helper. It’s a great way to make your network of friends larger, have something do to outside the house, and do a “dry run” on jobs/tasks that are unfamiliar and a bit scary (however interesting)… not to mention how good it looks on your CV once you want to go back to work!

Happy Holidays and hope to see you among us next time!

Grand Opening Mosaic for Delft

A Grand Opening Party!

Delft MaMa gives a beautiful birthday present to Gemeente Delft as the organisation is turning 10 years in 2017!

Delft MaMa organized to create a beautiful mural in the playground “De Achtertuin” in centrum Delft – with the help of Smashing Tiles Mozaiek; more than a hundred Delft MaMa hands, volunteers from Delft and regio, and the students of Grotius College Delft!

There will be a festive parade and ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday, the 28th of October. You are welcome to join us from 11 o’clock.

Mosaic making in Delft

Delft MaMa hosts a series of special mosaic introduction sessions summer 2017. Delft MaMa Nan Deardorff McClain will be introducing interested participants to the art of making mosaics. These events will also be a great introduction for our Delft MaMa 10th anniversary set of events and projects.

It is sure to be great event!

If the front door isn’t open, call mobile at 0681882491.

We can probably work on the patio again with nice weather. Bring some nibbles or drinks to share. See you there!