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Coding is Everywhere

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One of the greatest inventions by human civilization is the invention of the computer and the enormous computing power that comes with it. While in the 1960s we had large computer space filling in large rooms, we now have the same computing power fitting the pocket. Instead of large consoles and mono color screens, we now have super intuitive apps. So how is coding related to this? Let’s explore!

Apps Apps Apps

I could not help but think how much we are surrounded by apps. We depend on them for everything; from ordering groceries and booking cabs, to messaging and entertainment. The list goes endless. These apps signify a major leap forward in human civilization. Right from the intent of expression to businesses and personal communication, they seem to offer a magical solution to everything around us.

Today I can’t even think of one area where application software (or apps) has not impacted the way we live. It has united the whole world into one “global village,” breaking the barriers that at one time seemed invincible. 

I remember when I visited Switzerland and Paris for a vacation in 2018. For all travel related needs I was exclusively dependent on Google maps and different apps/websites. I can’t tell you how exciting it was!

With increasing availability of Over The Top (OTT) content, entertainment has been wholesome and much more demographic and age focused. 

Human achievements with the help of software

Not only travel and entertainment, the ongoing pandemic proved to be a great testament to the potential of software right from the development of vaccines, the delivery and tracking of it, such as CoronaCheck-app in the Netherlands. With this app, you are able to prove you have been vaccinated, you have had corona or that you have recently been tested negative for corona. And with everyone working from home, online collaboration software like Zoom, MS Teams and so on made sure the economy is moving.

There are many frontiers that the software is aiding man to achieve what was thought impossible a few decades back. For example, space travel and launching satellites would not have been possible without software. Tropomi is a Dutch satellite instrument that measures air pollution and greenhouse gases with great precision. The first reusable flyover in the Netherlands was also designed using computers and built with the help of automated machines. In addition, commercial drones are very prevalent in the Netherlands for promotional videos, either for businesses or site inspections.

What Powers This

What ceases to amaze me is that the power of this magic comes from the internet and the software running on top of it. And, the “secret” behind all that is the code – combination of 0s and 1s.

But learning computer science is fun and easy. Consider this fact: the first computer was built in 1943, but the first computer program was written in 1843!! Hence, from that writing a computer program is about using logic to creatively solve a problem. It feels like having a superpower!!


Want to experience the magic of coding and the power to change the world?


Having been working in education for more than 6 years, WHOCODES is a service in technology education. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we saw the need of creating highly engaging and specialized learning courses. In other words, coding is a high-interest point for a wide range of students. Therefore, we decided to offer high-quality coding courses tailored to each student’s individual needs and interests.

We offer both Basic and Advanced courses in coding.

Advanced coding course
Beginner coding course

Join Us for an Online Workshop and Develop Your Coding Skills!

Bring your questions. You will receive good, practical tips!

Together with DelftMaMa, we are super excited to host these 4 coding classes on October 26th, 2021. Children aged 8 to 14 years old can join from 4:30 pm CET. The ones aged more than 14, together with the adults, can join the second round from 5:30 pm. All classes are online via Zoom. We provide all information necessary to join your first coding class!

Click the links below for the registration forms:

We hope to see you there!

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