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  Delft Mama of the week, Claudia, is a mother of Katerina (2,5) and a new born Nikolas (2 weeks). "Since I was a kid I wanted to be a mom. I used to play and care so much for my dolls like real babies. When growing up I had a closer feeling with my three
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Our 'fresh from the farm' (or farmers' market) approach to grocery shopping here in Delft has been the outcome of a lot of little changes to our lifestyle in the past few years as well as the product of quite a bit of research.  So, now I am one of those people who, when I
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Delft Mama of the week, Emilie, a mother of two girls (soon to be three) and a resident of the city since 2008, is the graphic designer behind the renewed Delft MaMa logo and website. "When designing the new Delft MaMa logo, a couple of iconic Delft images popped into mind. The blue heart struck
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Citizens of the Kingdom of the Netherlands*, vassals of the King Willem Alexander “the first”, let your hair down, dress up in orange from top to toe and celebrate that His Royal Highness is turning 49 this coming Wednesday the 27th of April, on Koningsdag it is all allowed. (*that includes Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten) The
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A mother of two little girls, Ildikó is one of the main volunteers behind the new Delft MaMa website. Before taking up on the challenge she kept herself busy for years by organizing cookie baking events, clothes swaps, and movie nights. "Since January I'm into it deep with coordinating the DMM digital. I'm going to
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World traditions: in the series "world traditions" we will discover what countries celebrate and how do they celebrate it. At the end of the post, you will find an "embrace the tradition" kit, for those who want to celebrate like a local. To inaugurate the series, a post about Lovers' day in Catalonia and World Book Day. Books,
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