Delft MaMa Turns Ten!

Autumn 2017 is a very exciting time for Delft MaMa. There were many events and celebrations that marked the 10-year anniversary of our organization. And now we are slowly reaching the end of it.

The centerpiece of the celebrations is the creation of a mosaic in Delft city center. Delft MaMa and mosaic maker extraordinaire Nan Deardorff MacClain were directing the mural’s creation and installation. This project was an excellent opportunity for everyone in our community and beyond. All were invited to participate in the project through workshops, events and donations. Even schools came to help us with cleaning up the playground!

The Grand Opening is on the 28th of October, Saturday at 11:00 at the Achtertuin. Mark your calendars and join us!

As for the blog, we have decided to re-think the way we are leading it, seeing everything is changing constantly and some of our great writers got jobs (like Marie), or are in transition of moving back home (Tarja).

We are always happy to welcome new contributors and new perspectives, so please help us to shape and grow the Delft MaMa team!

Latest writings…

Delft mama of the week: Tarja

September 15, 2017

When I first started to write about the Delft moms of the week, to be honest I didn’t have the slightest idea how to interview people, let alone write about the amazing mothers in our community. The first mothers were mere pictures with one or two lines of text running… Read more

Tarja Van Veldhoven

Memories and Blackberries

September 8, 2017

Blackberries and Memories Yesterday, I took my daughters blackberry picking. To someone else this may sound like just another day out, but for me it was special. It was special because it enabled me to re-live one of my favourite childhood memories and to share it with my own children. When… Read more

Megan van der Voort

Delft MaMa 10th Anniversary Picnic

September 1, 2017

Every year, Delft MaMa organizes a summer potluck event for local families together with food, fun, and friendship.  The 2017 edition was even more special, as it marked the first in a series of celebrations of Delft MaMa’s ten year anniversary. More than 50 adults and even more children joined… Read more

Marie Kummerlowe

6 Weird Travel Finds Near Delft

August 25, 2017

You’re browsing through Pinterest  and you think “I have to go there.” As it turns out quite a few of these incredible sights are easy to reach from Delft. Here are a few I’ve had the chance to visit and how you can visit them too. Walkable Rollercoaster : Duisburg, Germany… Read more

Elizabeth Newcamp

Delft mama of the week: Tatjana

August 22, 2017

The day I met Tatjana was full of rain, clouds and gray – a typically glum Dutch scene. As I walked to our meeting, the clouds abated, and rays of sunlight shimmered on the rainy surfaces to make Delft’s canals even more picturesque. Tatjana’s warm smile welcomed me for a… Read more

Marie Kummerlowe

The Womanhood Studio

August 11, 2017

The Womanhood Studio in Delft is moving to a new location and will be filling a hole in Delft’s current offerings for families. Tami, the Womanhood Studio’s creator and owner, has been serving women in the Delft community as a doula. She opened the Womanhood Studio two years ago, expanding… Read more

Elizabeth Newcamp

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Random posts

Living in an ex-pat bubble

December 6, 2016

Tis the season to be jolly…and for those that celebrate Christmas it is also the season of over-abundance, over-indulgence and  rosy-cheeked children whining to the merry tune of ‘it’s not fair, all my friends have got one.’ I love Christmas. I may even go as far as to say it… Read more

Natali Drake

Delft MaMa takes The Hague

February 7, 2017

Delft MaMa, represented by a group of kind-hearted volunteers, was one of the 140 institutions present at the largest expat fair in the Netherlands. This annual event organized by The Hague Online in partnership with ACCES  celebrated its 10th edition. “… have you heard about the most thriving parenting community in the… Read more

Agnès Batllori Benet

Positive Birth Story: Caroline

June 14, 2016

My eldest son was born at 32 weeks, exactly eight weeks premature. I had wanted a home birth with no intervention. That didn’t happen. He spent one month in Delft hospital, before he was finally allowed home with us. It was a rollercoaster ride. This is our story. Read more

Caroline Vermeulen

Style and Comfort – Creating your Child’s Wardrobe

March 21, 2017

When I found out I was having a girl I was so excited and imagined all the cute outfits I could put her in. I remember creating a Pinterest file designing her perfect imaginary wardrobe, I think I had about nine months of dressing her in what ever I wanted, before I… Read more

Larissa Doll-Evers

His Royal Highness Willem Alexander King of the Netherlands is 50! and we are all celebrating him

April 26, 2017

Citizens of the Kingdom of the Netherlands*, vassals of the King Willem Alexander “the first”, let your hair down, dress up in orange from top to toe and celebrate that His Royal Highness is hitting 50 tomorrow Thursday the 27th of April.
If you arrived in the Netherlands after that date of April 2016, you should know that on Koningsdag nothing is bizarre.

(*that includes Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten)
Read more

Agnès Batllori Benet

Ten ways to entertain kids during the Delft winter

December 13, 2016

There is no avoiding it – winter is coming,  or already here depending on your point of view.  Though there is some debate as to the exact start date of winter, with many using 21 December as the “official” start, for this Dutch Australian living in Delft, it feels like… Read more

Renée Veldman-Tentori