Swimming as easy as A,B,C July 16, 2018

by Gaelle Fourcade with Onica King Mom-1: I heard “Swim Like A Fish” has a really good swim program. Mom-2: Yeah, I’ve already registered Katie there. Mom-3: Isn’t your Katie just 4 years old? Mom-2: Yes, but there’s a waiting list and I want to make sure she gets a… Read more

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The Mother Lode – female writers and motherhood

July 2, 2018

by Amanda de Souza Motherhood is contradictory. It simultaneously unites and divides between the haves and have-nots, between those who go to work and those who chose to stay at home, between the free-range, the tiger and the helicopter parents. But perhaps nothing divides and unifies more than when writers… Read more

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See you at DULI

June 18, 2018

by Natalia Moreno Last weekend I sat down for tea with Carolina Nesi, the easy-going Brazilian woman who started up DULI. For those who haven’t discovered it already, DULI is a unique concept, and a gem for expat families in the heart of Delft. Part international bookstore and part birthday… Read more

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How to choose early-stage age-appropriate musical toys

June 4, 2018

by Zdenka Prochazkova Success of the “Muziek op schoot” workshop, initially hosted by DelftMama in March, convinced me yet again that music is a universal language — a cross-point where mothers and children from all around the world can meet, sing and make music together. How great that was, proving that… Read more

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The SpeelOké Toy Library: toys for fun and development

May 21, 2018

Welcome to our first article in a series about toys and play. Is your little one bored with his or her mountain of toys, or are you looking to reduce that mountain without sacrificing variety and quality? Perhaps you are looking to try different types of toys before buying? The… Read more



May 7, 2018

Get Littles Up And Out With Fun Activities Around Delft Recently relocated to Delft and in search of something to keep your littles active? Or perhaps Lynette Croxford’s recent “How to Delft” blog has inspired you to explore what’s on offer for your primary schoolers outside the classroom. Well thankfully,… Read more

Onica King

How To Delft (With Kids)

April 16, 2018

by Lynette Croxford

Picture the scene; it’s 5:10am, a small, shrill voice punctuates your deep, dream filled sleep. “Maaaaaaammy”. For a moment you lie utterly still hoping it was your imagination. One, two, three, fou. . . “MAAAAMMY”. Imagination 0, Reality 1. Read more

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Random posts

Delft Mama of the week: Emilie

April 29, 2016

Delft Mama of the week, Emilie, a mother of two girls (soon to be three) and a resident of the city since 2008, is the graphic designer behind the renewed Delft MaMa logo and website. “When designing the new Delft MaMa logo, a couple of iconic Delft images popped into… Read more

Tarja Van Veldhoven

A table for six (includes original recipes from Anish Patil)

July 26, 2016

Delft MaMa has officially inaugurated the long awaited international cooking club.
Thursday the 21st of July, a mixed group of mums and dads gathered together to cook under the guidance and supervision of Anish Patil, who together with Viji Kannan will coordinate the club.
This very first session took us to India, where Anish comes from. We made a culinarily travel along the 7.571 kilometers India’s coastline and learnt how to use a star ingredient: coconut.

Read more

Agnès Batllori Benet

Lola’s Bedroom Tour

November 8, 2016

Hello MaMa’s! I am thrilled to be sharing some inspiration with you today. As an interior stylist, my own home is naturally my style playground and my little girl’s bedroom is no exception. Over the summer we completed her room and I shared the results over on my blog Avenue Lifestyle. For those of you looking for ideas for your own little ones’ rooms, I sincerely hope you find some here today. Let’s peek inside! Read more

Holly Marder

Delft Mama of the week: Eva

November 11, 2016

As a child Eva never felt she fully fit in her native country of Portugal. Being half Dutch and half Portuguese, she spent a lot of time in the Netherlands on holidays where she felt a sense of belonging. She had a multicultural attitude and an appetite for an adventure… Read more

Tarja Van Veldhoven

Delft Mama of the week: Maya

September 30, 2016

Ten years ago our mom of the week, Maya, met her Dutch husband Erwin. Now they are parents of a six-year-old Naama and Boaz who just turned four. Maya grew up in Israel, studied and did the obligatory military service there before moving abroad. She was familiar with the Netherlands before meeting her husband, but never thought she’d be living in Holland – but as faith would often have it, it’s exactly where she ended up. Just like most expats, being far from extended family has taught Maya other ways of having a safety net around her, and she feels Delft MaMa is now her family, too. “For me Delft MaMa is one of the strongest attraction points of Delft. For all of us who don’t have a family here, this group of wonderful people is it”, Maya declares. Read more

Tarja Van Veldhoven

6 Weird Travel Finds Near Delft

August 25, 2017

You’re browsing through Pinterest  and you think “I have to go there.” As it turns out quite a few of these incredible sights are easy to reach from Delft. Here are a few I’ve had the chance to visit and how you can visit them too. Walkable Rollercoaster : Duisburg, Germany… Read more

Elizabeth Newcamp