Yıldız Middel

Yıldız is a writer in the Delft MaMa blog team. She has worked for the corporate world of logistics and IT in Turkey, Denmark and The Netherlands. She lives with her husband and twin daughters nearby Delft. She is continuously looking for ways to become a better human being. Yoga, mindfulness and sustainable living practices are her tools.

5 Tips for Mindfulness and Yoga with Kids

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We all feel the need to do something to calm our monkey minds. This also applies to kids and teens. In fact, our minds are continuously distracted by various stimulants. When we are distracted more than our limits, our minds will take it as stress. The issue of stress can also occur in kids and teens. However, our little ones usually do not recognize it by themselves and they need us to relieve it. That is why we need to support ourselves and our kids for a healthier mind, body and spirit. The most working methods to combat the issue of stress both for kids and adults are found to be mindfulness and yoga practices.

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