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Sandra Ivonne Treviño Barbosa

Sandra is a mother, a wife and an engineer. She came to The Netherlands to study a Masters degree with the initial plan of returning to her home country, Mexico, after the 2 years program. However, love stood on her way and she has been here ever since. As a mom of two, she spends most of her time with her children and considers Delft MaMa a building block in her adult life. She also works part time as a business intelligence specialist. In her free time, she enjoys connecting with other Delft mamas, crafting and learning all kinds of stuff.

Introduction to childcare in The Netherlands

In the last 4 years my children have been cared for in two different daycare centers and one preschool (peuterspeelzaal), and I’ve got only good things to say about them. Children in The Netherlands start going to school at 4 years of age and there are a few options for childcare before that time comes. They are meant to suit different types of families according to their preference, time and budget.

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