Onica King

Formerly an ICT Researcher/Consultant, Onica now spends a considerable amount of time shuffling her little around to endless activities, trying to avoid the endless chocolatiers and cafés that have emerged throughout Delft center, and sporting (primarily tennis) to minimize the impact of those failed attempts.

Birthday Party Resources in and Around Delft

by Amanda de Souza, with Onica King

One of the enduring memories I have of childhood are birthday parties, the ones my mother held for my brother and I. She was a born extrovert and revelled in entertaining children. She would come to life during those parties, jettisoning daily cares for a few hours and casting everyone in her magical spell.Read More »Birthday Party Resources in and Around Delft



Get Littles Up And Out With Fun Activities Around Delft Recently relocated to Delft and in search of something to keep your littles active? Or… Read More »GET OUT!