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Kushagra Agarwal

Kushagra Agarwal is a CFEI - Certified Financial Educator Instructor. He is a Computer Engineering graduate and has been building software for technology firms and bank with 18 years of working experience including Microsoft, Fidelity, Morgan Stanley, and Cisco. He did his Google Certified Educator (Level 1) and loves to teach Computer Science Fundamentals to kids via EduJoy Learning ( and creator of Wonder72 ( Financial Education program. He is blessed with 2 lovely kids. He loves travelling, reading and listening to music.

Coding is Everywhere

phone, keyboard, app-6465145.jpg

One of the greatest inventions by human civilization is the invention of the computer and the enormous computing power that comes with it. While in the 1960s we had large computer space filling in large rooms, we now have the same computing power fitting the pocket. Instead of large consoles and mono color screens, we now have super intuitive apps. So how is coding related to this? Let’s explore!

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