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Justine Bentfield

Justine Bentfield is an American expat living in Delft with her husband and cat. She has one grown son in the US. Justine enjoys volunteering as a proofreader and editor for the Delft MaMa blog, working as a tutor for English, traveling, meeting new people, jigsaw puzzles and downhill skiing.

Learning Dutch in Delft: 2021 Update

Members of Delft MaMa have expressed that Marie Kummerlowe’s 2017 comprehensive article about resources for Learning Dutch in Delft should be updated and reposted every once in a while, so here is the 2021 updated version. “There are always new people coming in, and many struggle with the same basic questions, among which is learning the language, she wrote.

There are resources for everyone, no matter their level of Dutch. So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and join us as we revisit how to learn Dutch in Delft. Veel leesplezier!

originally posted on 7 March 2017, updated 15 September, 2021

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