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Anieke Lamers

I am Anieke Lamers, founder of Peekabond. I’ve been an expat living on 4 different continents and I know the pain of not being close to loved ones. I am a proud aunt of my 2-year-old niece in Australia, whom I’m completely in love with. This is why I founded Peekabond. So that families could feel connected, even when they are apart.

Feel together with your family, even from a distance

The holiday season is a time we all look forward to being together. It is a time to reconnect, spend some time enjoying each other’s company, and perhaps forget about the realities of the world. For many families in the Delft MaMa community, however, this will be the second season spent apart due to the constraints of the pandemic. The importance of being together, across space and time, is what inspired the creation of Peekabond – a video messenger to connect families using science-based play activities. Designed for families with young children, to feel connected to loved ones.

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