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AmsterdamDiary.com Parenting Blogs Award 2019

Amsterdam Diary’s Parenting Blogs Award of 2019 Competition

Banners voor Parenting Blogs Award 2019I’m proud to announce that Amsterdam Diary has nominated us for a (Dutch) Parenting Blogs award for 2019! In their nomination, they wrote (original text is in Dutch):

This site is perfect for all parents in Delft. You can read about events, workshops, play groups and more. The website is in English, and during the events there is mainly English spoken. This way you can get to know people from other countries and cultures, and teach your children to interact with others who they may not immediately understand. With some gestures and lots of play, the kids will make friends without problems, even if they don’t have the same background at all. It is therefore an enriching experience for both parents and children.

If you’d like to vote for us, please find us at this link and submit your vote! Voting closes on 28 June.

Any questions? Please contact us.

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Kate Groves

Kate, originally from the US, moved to Delft somewhat permanently in 2014. Originally trained as an English teacher to bi/multilingual Deaf students, Kate is now working on her PhD while raising a human toddler and two feline kids in Delft with her Dutch husband. In her nearly non-existent Kate-only time, she learns how to make her own clothes and thinks about going back to sports.



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