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Delft MaMa is bringing nationally recognised experts on parenting and related topics to Delft to take part in our monthly workshop series. The workshops will take place in the evenings in a lecture-style classroom environment and are open to all parents and parents-to-be.

If you are such a professional, having topics and issues (not-so-)new parents could benefit from hearing, please send us an e-mail.

DelftMama Cooking Night

Hosted by Erika Brouwer This summer we are going to cook some healthy and fun veggie recipes. Erika Brouwer will host the cooking evening in August. She is a vegetarian and loves experimenting with new recipes. In her own words… I would like to show you some of my vegetarian… Read more

Mosaic making in Delft!

Delft MaMa hosts a series of special mosaic introduction sessions summer 2017. Delft MaMa Nan Deardorff McClain will be introducing interested participants to the art of making mosaics. These events will also be a great introduction for our Delft MaMa 10th anniversary set of events and projects. It is sure… Read more