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Delft MaMa and Het Oranje Fonds Cash Collection

Consider helping Delft MaMa by becoming volunteers for a cash collection in collaboration with Het Oranje Fonds in June 2017!

Half of the money collected will go to Delft MaMa, while the rest is assigned to charities in South Holland. 20 volunteers will go door to door in pairs to specific parts of the centre over June 6-10, between the hours of 17:00-21:00. If we have more people available we can split the shifts!

The money will be spent to pay for our website, brochures, insurance policy and our self-organised events. Contact Lucie Cunningham through luciehc AT hotmail DOT com if you are up for it with a Delft MaMa friend.

Would you like to help us financially but cannot participate in the collection? You can send your financial gift to our bank account directly. Mention “Donation” and your name in the description so that we can properly thank you!

NAME: Delft MaMa
IBAN: NL63RABO 0135 88 85 49