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Refugee Help

We are all touched by the events of our greater environment. If you want to get out there and actively get involved, here you can find links to the initiatives in Delft, where Delft mamas and papas can truly make a difference.

1. Delftse Buur is a very nice local initiative, where you register to be a buddy for a refugee that has gotten a permit to live in Holland. You should be able to speak Dutch at a level that also allows you help the refugee to learn Dutch.

2. WelkomsMaaltijd@Taste! Every first Saturday each month there is a ‘Welkoms Maaltijd’ organized at Taste! Delft. Delft MaMa is taking very active role at it as we are providing activities for the refugee children. If you want to volunteer for this activity, contact Delft MaMa member Nina Bogerd through nina DOT bogerd AT gmail DOT com.

3. Welkom in Delft is a platform where organizations that are active in Delft are helping the refugees publish their activities.

4. Stitching Present Delft organises various activities, among them also for the refugees.

5. If you have furniture or other household items that you would like to donate, you can contact Stichting The Helping Hands. They are based in The Hague, and they work in Delft too. They are a great organisation helping the refugees with setting up their homes, even providing help with painting the walls and the like. If you want to donate time or household items, you can contact them over Facebook.

6. Soft Landing in Delft (SLiDe) is a pilot program run by Delft MaMa volunteers to help newcomers find their way around town in as little as six weeks.

Welkom Hier folder

Welkom Hier

On the 17th September Delft Mama will be contributing to ‘Welkom Hier‘, a welcome event for the approximately 500 refugees, from diverse backgrounds, who have settled in the Delft area within the past couple of years. The event will be a festival, an event for the refugees to learn about useful local initiatives and organizations, and an opportunity for local residents to come and share ideas with each other. There will be information stalls from many organizations, presentations, debates and stage performances.

On the day, between 13:00 and 17:00, at the Theater de Veste in Delft, Delft Mama is providing activities for the refugee children, whose ages range between 0 and 12 years. Volunteers from the Delft Mama community will be assisting with crafts, games and other activities for the children (with their parents). If you would like to be involved and offer your time either on the day or for preparations beforehand, we are still gratefully accepting all help offered. To volunteer, please contact Miriam Langford at miriam DOT a DOT langford AT gmail DOT com

“Welkom Hier makes local solidarity towards refugees accessible to everyone.” -Liselot of Zantvoort, Justice and Peace Netherlands

The event is an initiative of the human rights organization ‘Justice and Peace’ in collaboration with ‘Fonds 1818’ and the NGO ‘Human Security Collective’. For more information, see the website and the Facebook event page