Our special Charity events, the popular Photowalk Delft, and annual holiday celebrations are some of the exciting events we have planned.

Yet another year is fast coming to a close, and the holiday season is soon upon us! Join us for an adults’ only afternoon of fun company and conversation at the 2018 DMM High Tea Party at Leonidas Café, on Sunday, 9 December 2018 from 13:30-15:30.

This year, not only are we anticipating a stimulating yet relaxing afternoon, we are raising money to ENable Maya. Each ticket for the high tea will be €29.95, which will include 6 savory and 6 sweet snacks, an unlimited supply of coffee and tea, plus a donation, which will go directly to Maya’s GoFundMe campaign.

If you are a vegetarian or lactose free, both options are available but let us know as soon as possible so we can inform Leonidas.

Hurry! There’s only 24 tickets available! Pay via tikkie (link is in the event details at the top of this page), or you can pay in cash on the day, just let us know.

More info about Maya’s GoFundMe campaign: gf.me/u/m5i3zg

In May, the third edition of the Delft MaMa Charity Walk took place in Delftse Hout. Delft MaMa families walked for three km starting at Waterspeeltuin and ended at the lake front. Along the way, kids had activities to complete and parents chatted. All had the chance to observe the beautiful Delftse Hout and enjoy the nature around! Participants enjoyed fun activities together and a yummy picnic.

Photographic minds to the rescue!

Come and see Delft in its beautiful details: the narrow streets, the breathtaking views, the old and the new. Come and create the most beautiful photos. Meet other Delft mamas who share an interest in photography.

Photo walks are organised every now and then by photographer Monique Roodenburg. Visit Photowalk Delft’s Facebook Page for the latest news and what’s coming up next, or check the Delft MaMa Calendar.

Have you ever tasted Uzbek plov (rice pilaf)? Let’s enjoy summer by having lunch together at our all-time favourite park. Bring your family along and get to meet some other international families. Watch how the food is made and chat over tasty plov, served fresh from the wok, for only €12.50 per (adult) person!! It’s a big serving, so you can share some with your young kids.

Sign up now to reserve your space! Leave some comments below to express your interest. Advanced payment can be made via the link stated above. Please contact Hellen Chandra-Boortman via WhatsApp at +31 4938 4526 or email to secretarisdelftmama@gmail.com when you’ve done the payment, also if you have any questions. By joining this event, you are also raising some funds for our community.

– The food is non-vegetarian.
– The meeting point will be announced closer to the date.
– Payment must be made in advance.
– Children are welcome, but they won’t get their own serving.
– Please bring your own food container and cutlery to reduce waste and to take home some leftover, if any.
– Bring your picnic mat/pop-up tent for extra comfort.

Each year Delft MaMa organises a Halloween party with food, fun and costumes. There is a costume contest for kids as well as adults, games and crafts. Tickets are available in advance at this link.

Check our Facebook Events page or our Calendar for details.

Delft MaMa organises Potluck BBQ once a year in the summer time, just before the school holiday starts.

Children, spouses, family members, friends of yours are all invited to spend an afternoon together with a post-nap, pre-dinner potluck BBQ. 


The Wilhelminapark is located  near the Sportfondsebad swimming pool (check our Facebook Event Page closer to the date for details on that)


There will be one barbecue grill present for sure, so we ask our participants with cars and grill to feel free to bring theirs. In case of the 10-year anniversary BBQ, details are different, please visit this page for more information on that.

As this is a potluck event, here are some ideas as of to what to bring:

  • – drinks
  • – BBQ grill with coals
  • – paper plates, cups, cutlery
  • – meat for the BBQ,
  • – some salads
  • – bread
  • – cake, desserts
  • – outdoor toys for the kids
  • – wipes, serviettes, boxes to bring the rest of the food and drinks home

There is usually more than enough food from all kinds of kitchens (of the world), and the children run around happily with each other, enjoying the green scenery leaving the parents taking it all in – in peace.

Delft MaMa organises Cookie Swap events to simplify holiday baking, learn new tastes from each other and share recipes. Participants are invited to make enough of one kind of cookie to share. At the party, we sample the treats, then trade and package them in appealing assortments. Everyone leaves with finished gifts — and plenty of new recipes!

Children are invited too, so first off they get a couple of cookies to decorate with icing sugar and sprinkles (depending on age and parent’s/carer’s preferences). Make sure you know about allergies before you bring nutty goodies!

Depending on the season, we have Christmas cookies, Easter sweets, summer holiday starters and autumn indulgences. Check our fb events page or our Calendar for what’s coming up next.


  • – Each person brings along copies of their recipe as well as some supplies for pretty packaging such as ribbons, tags, and boxes.
  • – Sturdy cookies are best. We have icing sugar and sprinkles for kids to decorate 2-3 cookies, that they can eat on the spot and go off to play with the others while the grown-ups are sharing recipes.
  • – Each guest makes a half dozen cookies for every person in attendance, plus an extra dozen for sampling. This way, everybody will go home with several dozen in different flavors to give as gifts. We decide who will make what by posting comments on the Facebook Event page. It has to be coordinated ahead of time to avoid duplicates (although, too much of a good thing… oh, no wait, that’s not working here).
  • – At the swap, we put folding place cards in front of each variety as a label – with the name of the cookie and the contributor. There is plenty of coffee and tea brewed, and we sample the goodies, swap the recipes and package the rest of the cookies, while enjoying the Delft MaMa company.-